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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A city without shame

It's bad enough that the police officer who fatally shot an unarmed man in the back has been sent back out on the beat by his superiors. But now the police bureau has picked this week to promote the captain in charge of the homicide scene. Now he's a commander.

You couldn't make this case worse if you tried.

Meanwhile, "Legend" Saltzman is "hoping to schedule a meeting" with the U.S. attorney. What a hero. What's he going to say? "Please don't indict me"?

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Yes, more meetings are just the type of action we're all calling for.

And he was not just promoted to commander but commander of Police TRAINING.

"I'm going to support a Department of Justice investigation. I think it will be a healthy thing," Saltzman said. But he added that he didn't expect any investigation into the shooting would show violations of Campbell's civil rights. "I think we'll find on balance the Bureau has not done anything to violate his civil rights."


Nothing happened here, folks, just keep walkin'?

Yes, Saltzman should have a conversation with the US Attorney General. Under oath and in front of a Grand Jury.

"Police Commissioner Saltzman were you aware of series of citizen deaths at the hands of police in recent years that lead to legal action? Did you or did you not take corrective action to prevent such deaths, including Aaron Campbell's?"

Maybe the Recall Sam Adams campaign is finally going to get some belated traction, although not for the reason it was originally conceived. Instead of for taking advantage of an impressionable young man and then lying about it and slandering an opponent to get elected, it will be for a failure of leadership for not stepping out in front of this crisis earlier and hiding behind the skirts of the "it's not my department" excuse.

The recall -- and the upcoming primary for Fish and Saltzman's seats -- will be one outlet for the anger folks feel about this Campbell incident. No wonder they're all scrambling to look busy and concerned.

We knew Saltzman lacked backbone following his swing vote to greenlight the Tram construction after it quadrupled in cost.

Newsflash: City Commission with no backbone demonstrates (yet again) he lacks backbone. Hellooooo?

It's Riddell's Law all over again: "Any sufficiently developed incompetence is indistinguishable from conspiracy." I've seen science fiction conventions where the staff were better disciplined than the Portland Police Department, and lower than that I can't get.

while I was willing to let Sam skate by on his using the young man as his BoyToy and lying about it; I'm so outraged at his lazy and lackadaisical attitude towards PPB's un- warrented citizen-killings and Rosie's so obvious unfitness to hold the office she does, I'm willing to sign-up for the SAM RECALL petition and will definitely not be voting for Saltzman. As for Fish, well he best start sounding like he is in Randy's echo chamber if he expects my vote, and he best be doing the Randy Tap Dance, or it's out the door with the Stinking Fish for this dude.

Nothing like reading about the police shooting a father of five, to make us despair about continuing to live in this country.

I wonder if the shooters were all white.

Oh, and outraged, you can download the petition at recallsamadams.com

Getting signatures is pretty easy, if you want to fill the sheet up before you send it in. Here's some likely signers:-

African Americans
gardeners, esp. over age 45
tradespeople driving pickups
anyone with a boat in the driveway
in the aisles at fred's
in parking lots of hardware stores

Good luck and godspeed.

Just saw Shrunk on the nightly news pouring oil on the water and calling the Campbell incident "unique" and "unusual". If you need proof that man is unfit for office, all you'll ever need to do is roll that tape. Unbelievable.

Check out this article about the LA father of five: http://www.pe.com/localnews/inland/stories/PE_News_Local_W_webshoot19.48aa34f.html

Deportation order, multiple gun violations, and recently served time for spousal abuse. I would guess he didn't expect "the man" was doing the room by room search.

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