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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why Saltzman must go

When Portlanders rail against the Sam-Rand twins for their frat boy approach to city government, they should be sure to include old "Big Pipe" Saltzman in there. When the chips are down, he parties right along with the other two.

At least Fish and Fritz are showing some sense.

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I've know that for some time...ever since he decided to campaign on "Portland's children" while the actions he supported consistantly undercut Portland's children.

Randy was the new addition for me...I'm beginning to think he had an illicit affair with Merritt Paulson, leading to his alliance with Sammy and his mid-life crisis. Anyway, I've dispensed with Randy as a credible council member.

The problem is, the dolts have a majority.


If Paulson stiffs the city on this, can the city sue these three numbnuts for the loss? Or are they protected on some kind of 'hold harmless' provision?

"At least Fish and Fritz are showing some sense."

Sometimes I think these kinds are more dangerous than the obvious players; for as we have seen over and over again, when it really counts, they choose politics over statesmanship. Remember the soccer scarves?

An obvious dolt can be called out. This kind is crafty.

My guess is the vote was crafted so Fritz and Fish can look like good guys. Creepazoids if you ask me.

I'm with Cynthia — not ready to give credit to two of them for good sense unless they're able share some of it with at least one of their colleagues.

Saltzman is merely protecting the wealthy interests who elected him. Class protects class. The Little Lord's interests are aligned with the building trades too, so the working stiffs get a few scraps of public subsidy.

I'm sure he's a nice guy if you meet him in person but he comes across like a world class waffling weenie with no backbone at all.

I have met him and he is a world class waffling weenie.

Fritz is bargaining for an illusory crumb and Fish is going to flop on you despite his posturing:

Fish expressed impatience at the progress of the talks. He said he learned Tuesday that the city and Paulson have 81 issues to resolve.

"I don't understand why six months later we don't have a deal," he said.

But Adams said the majority of unresolved issues are "dotting i's and crossing t's." Skip Newberry, who as Adams' economic development policy adviser has been involved in the talks, said the i-dotting involves word, phrase or punctuation changes that the lawyers for both sides are nailing down.


Newberry said at least two significant issues remain. One involves the 12,000-square-foot sports-medicine clinic that Providence Health & Services wants to install at the park. Fritz said she wants to make sure that the clinic will accept low-income patients.

What a bunch of horses#^!. And meanwhile, construct a multi-million dollar "renovation" on top of a decrepit century-old sewer line?

Stick 'em up, Portland!

Unless you fight back and start avoiding trouble that's easy to see coming, you'll always get bullied and rolled.

Fish will vote for soccer as long as he can strike a pose. Fritz has the luxury of being a non-counting vote, so she can strike any pose she wants.

What a boondoggle. Maybe we can get five new ones next election.

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