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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tri-Met: We did great in the snowstorm

Transit agency manager "Crocodile" Fred Hansen and bobblehead board chair George Passadore ought to sue their geriatrics physicians for malpractice. Something is definitely off with their medications.

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The night of the storm, downtown was a disaster for traffic mainly because trimet buses had slid all over the place and were stuck blocking multiple lanes. Trimet should be run by a private operator and thin gs would run a lot better.

Trimet doesn't have to run a transit system. As long as the glowing press releases and public statements get out all is well.

"We don't care. We don't have to. We are Trimet."

And Trimet got beat by C-Tran which had automatic chains that can be deployed by a button on the operator's council!!

(You know the C-Tran bus system in Vancouver that is DEBT FREE!!)

Big difference: C-Tran's board are ALL elected officials from the service area, not the governor's hand picked hacks.

Thanks Jim! I've been asking why TriMet's Board is composed entirely of political hacks and insiders appointed by our exuse for a Governor. As it's currently composed, these people have no incentive to do anything except collect a salary and rubber stamp whatever TriMet management wants to do. An elected board would likely be a lot more focused on budget matters and improving service.

I saw this story on KGW. Loved that Tri-Met said they got it "about 85% right" when every picture KGW showed seemed to have a bus strewn around in it. One shot had the front of the bus nestled into the side of a parked car. Maybe that's what they meant: "When we're done, you'll have about 85% of your car left."

Great Job Brownie!

If your definition of "doing great" is to effectively shut down all bus service for two hours during rush hour, then yes, you did great.

Tr-Met does a great job in weather problems except for the problems caused by weather.

Umm, wasn't that more like 5 or 6 hours?

And Trimet got beat by C-Tran which had automatic chains that can be deployed by a button on the operator's council!!

Not only that: While TriMet cited "the economy" in its dismal ridership reports, C-Tran reported a 4.5% ridership increase.

C-Tran serves the same "economy" as TriMet, and C-Tran serves Clark County - the county in Washington with the worst unemployment rate (due to its proximity to Portland). And yet its ridership increased?


The phrase "You're doing a heckuva job, Brownie" has a whole new meaning here in Portland. Just replace Brownie with Freddy.

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