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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Top 'dog player crowned with final pool picks

The deadline is here for the final week's selections in our charity pro football underdog pool, and here's how the players have decided to go:

7.5 NY JETS at Indianapolis - Sidney, Hank, Kevin, Doug, Rick, Michael K., Flynn
4 MINNESOTA at New Orleans - George, Mark, Gordon, jmh

Remarkably, I have no picks from two players still in contention for Top 3 honors, genop's mom and Bad Brad. Unless they can show that they properly entered their choices with me and I somehow misplaced them (it has happened this season), they'll get no points for this, the final week.

Since Mark and Gordon both picked the same 'dog, Gordon (currently in second place) can't pass Mark (currently in first). And since genop's mom (in third) is a no-show, and no one else is within 7.5 points of Mark, Mark is the winner, and will get to designate $300 to his favorite charity. Congratulations to him!

Second and third places are not entirely settled, although Gordon will apparently take one or the other. Unofficially, here is how second and third will go, depending on the outcomes of today's games:

If Indiana wins: Gordon is second ($75 to charity), and genop's mom is third ($45 to charity).
If the Jets and New Orleans win: Hank is second, and Gordon is third.
If the Jets and Minnesota win: Gordon is second, and Hank is third.

Again, these are all unofficial results, but I'm pretty sure that's where things shake out. You can check my math if you like, with the full standings going into today's action, which are posted here. We'll have post-game festivities (including the traditional bragging and lying) after the second contest this evening. In the meantime, enjoy the games, pigskin fans!

UPDATE, 3:55 p.m.: At 11:14 this morning, Bad Brad notified me that he had picked the Vikings early Thursday morning; he sent along a copy of his e-mail message to me to that effect. It sounds legit, and so I'm ruling that pick good. Given the Colts' victory this afternoon, what this means is that if the Vikings win this evening, Bad Brad and genop's mom finish tied for third place with 40 points each for the season. Apologies for the confusion; if we do this again next year, there is going to be some foolproof system set up to make sure this sort of mixup does not recur.

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Ewww. Maybe it's better that not to win this one.

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