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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Three 'dogs might

Our players have made their picks (in caps) in this weekend's pro football games -- all trying to advance in the charity underdog pool:

4 PHILADELPHIA at Dallas (this evening) - Sidney, Robert, Rick, Flynn, Dan, Andy, Gordon
3.5 BALTIMORE at New England (tomorrow) - George, Kevin, Hank, Doug, genop's mom
3 NY JETS at Cincinnati (today) - Annie, Bad Brad, Mark, Michael K., jmh, genop

Nobody chose:

2 GREEN BAY at Arizona (tomorrow)

My records show that Michael W. is a no-show this week. Gary has thrown in the towel. The standings are here. Good luck, and enjoy the games, people.

(In the other pool, in which I play, I'm going with the Eagles this week. Until Dallas wins a playoff game behind Mr. Romo, I won't believe that they can.)

UPDATE, 8:30 p.m.: The Jets take care of business, and the Eagles fall flat. The pool gets a new leader.

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Well, let's put it this way about the Eagles/Cowboys game. Our local classic rock station announced that it won't be running any Eagles songs all weekend long, and the other ClearChannel mullethead station, KEGL, has changed its nickname from "The Eagle" to "The Bird" for the moment. When it's a tough game against Philadelphia, one of our Safeway-owned grocery store chains pulls all of the Philadelphia cream cheese, and when we're up against San Francisco, the San Francisco Rose restaurant covers up the sign over the door.

Now, I'm not particularly upset by these marketing schemes pretending to be game superstitions, especially since anyone listening to "The Bird" will be getting just that. I just wonder if Jerry Jones might stop trying to figure out ways to screw the team's once-dedicated fans with nickel-and-dime schemes, hire some players who aren't crackheads and/or debutantes, and actually produce a team that wins on a consistent basis. And while I'm wishing for that, I'd also like my own pet dinosaur.

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