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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday drive

Take a ride in Port-au-Prince with CNN. You can stop the truck, look around, or both if you like.

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The video shows when one gets away from the standard background shots, how random and capricious the devastation is and how nomadic the earthquake has made the urban population.

No doubt human transport would be better if the big one were to hit Portland because you could travel by streetcar.

It looks like lots of building are still intact.

Far better than I would have expected, but then, you are not going to get a car tour of the rubble-filled roads. This looks about the same as it did when we were there in 1989, even with the occasional debris pile, but its far worse elsewhere. The Oloffson Hotel, a gorgeous old Gingerbread firetrap, was largely untouched, but modern neighboring buildings pancaked, and the cushy modern Montana up in Pétionville, HQ for UN & NGO bigwigs, collapsed disastrously. Oloffson owner Richard Morse is tweeting at @RAMhaiti - very interesting & sobering. Be careful about Wyclef Jean's Yélé Haiti 'charity,' which paid him & his cronies $400,000 plus, according to Morse & others. Do your own research and give to the Salvation Army or other honest outfits.

Take a close-up shot of Geraldo with a dumpster in the background and it will look as the world has come to an end.

The video appears to be a mixed commercial / residential main street. It might have fared better than average, and I wonder what it looks like in purely residential areas where the quality of construction might be poorer.

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