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Thursday, January 28, 2010


I can't take much of the announcers for the Blazers, either on TV or radio. They're all embarrassing homers, and when they're not screaming "The ref missed that call!" they alternate between amateur hour and funeral parlor. I won't get started on a list of particulars, but that might make for an interesting post at some later date.

Anyway, the reason I'm thinking of this right now is that I'm feeling serious bloggy admiration for a reporter who's assigned to cover a Blazer game and yet finds a way to work stuff like this in:

Jerryd Bayless to the line. The Blazers are not getting this down to 10, barring some of that miracle three-point shooting and a lot of dumb Utah turnovers. And I just noticed my leg shaking uncontrollably. At some point I saw an advertisement for pills that treat "shaky leg syndrome" or "irritable legs" or whatever they called it, and I think the side-effects involved vomiting, etc.. I’d rather have a shaky leg than vomit. I’m on a no-vomit streak that started before I even moved to Portland. Sometimes it has been rough—I remember a few times laying on the bathroom floor or leaning up against the wall of the Sandy Hut, waiting for the dizziness to pass—but I have not caved since eating bad chicken at Red Robin in like 2000 or 2001. I’m coming up on my tenth anniversary of quitting puking and I intend to celebrate it. By puking my guts out. In any case, I don’t want any medication that involves barfing. Or "suicidal thoughts and actions," which I saw on some pill ad recently. Terrifying.

Speaking of “suicidal thoughts or actions,” the Blazers are down 24. It’s 61-37. The crowd is chatty (and, funny enough, they seem too worn-out to boo at bad calls anymore).

There's also a splendid rant on Greg Oden Penisgate. We need a whole lot less of "The Blazers are on an 8 to 2 run" and a whole lot more of this.

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The Blazers tv announcers are infamous (nation-wide) for being embarrassing homers. I think that they honestly believe that the refs conspire against the Blazers each game. Much better to watch with the 'mute' button.

Yes, because refs aren't betting on the games or anything.

The refs DO conspire against non-stars. The NBA is a farce to begin with, on par with WWE wrestling. It's entertainment, not sport.

The Greg Oden stuff was interesting. Also interesting- that he blogs for a publication known as 'Willy Week'.

If you watch other NBA telecasts, you'll realize there's homerism everywhere. Don't think it's worse here, and when the opposing team makes a nice play, Barrett and Rise usually point it out. And they're not afraid to point out what the Blazers are doing wrong. That happened a lot last night. But as long as the broadcast crew is paid by the team, you can always expect homerism. It's the nature of the beast.

But my main gripes: Way too many statistics! We don't need to know a team's shooting percentage four minutes into the first quarter, and the freethrow percentage of an opposing bench player.

By the time the game ends, I feel like the wife of Russell Crowe's character in "A Beautiful Mind" when she discovers all the crazy math and formulas in the room off the garage. Too much already! It's mind numbing. And I know why they do it - because they can. It's all up on the announcers' computer screen. So put 'em the TV screen as graphics (which of course, they do).

Also, they should NEVER EVER use those camera shots behind the basket and ground level along the sideline during live play. Those are replay shots. I'm sick of seeing a shot of a ref's rear end, when we should be seeing Rudy driving to the basket and the rest of the players in the half court.

No, the Blazer announcers take homerism to new levels. The constant objections to the officiating are ridiculous. Those ought to be limited to about once a week, but in Blazerland, every call is reviewed, and with a jaundiced eye.

You're right about the mind-numbing stats by the play by play announcer. And the constant calling out of the scoring "runs"! Basketball's an interesting game, but not when that's all the announcers can bring to it. I can get all that by "watching" the game on Yahoo, which I often do with the sound off on the TV.

As I say, a separate post is needed for a complete review.

I know the Mike's are homers,but they do give credit where it is due. Have you ever watched a local broadcast from another team? Try NBA League Pass sometime... I assure you, there are bigger homers out there.

Anyone who doesn't think the refs in the NBA are ALL crooked gamblers needs to look at the film of the first quarter of last nights Blazer game. Some of the worst officiating ever seen.

I personally like the Mike's on TV. I think they do a good job. Yes they are homers, but geez, they are employed by the Blazers. Better than listening to the idiots on ESPN or TNT who bash the Blazers all game long. The Blazers TV broadcasts are much better than many in the league...get the NBA Pass on TV and you'll see just how bad some are.

I usually turn the radio off with the first:
"Boom Shakka Lakka". What the hell?

I thought the most glaring lapse in the officiating last night was when Batum was pushed after making a layup. That official should be fired. I think it's naive to believe that other officials aren't involved in the same activities as their jailed comrade. To me the league officials should be replaced every 5 years. Once they believe they are part of the show, they should be gone.

If you were at last night's Jazz / Blazer game .. you would agree that in the first quarter the refs were trying to throw the game.

I think Wheeler is the worst I've ever heard. I remember when he first joined the team, I watched a game on TV with the radio turned up (something I like to do with radio announcers to see how accurately they call the game). There were numerous calls such as "Stoudamire drives to the basket...the defender reaches in, how is that not a foul?", and I saw NO contact. Not even close. I eventually realized that he was calling a different game from the one taking place on the court in front of him.

There are times I'm in the car and I'd like to listen to the game, but I don't want to hear Wheels' constant whining about the imagined "no calls" he sees. Surely, he should know by now that the officials don't call the game the way it's described in the rulebook. Call it the way the game is currently played, and let me know when the refs make an egregious error, but don't make stuff up just to justify your victim complex.

I grew up watching the Braves on TBS, and I always appreciated their announcers' evenhandedness and respect for the opposing team. At one point they were temporarily banned from flying on the team plane because an umpire made a call that went against the Braves, and the Braves' announcers agreed with the call. And they were right, it was a good call, as much as I didn't like it. They told the truth as they saw it. THAT is how it should be done.

Unfortunately, most announcers see themselves as entertainers, not journalists, and they're under orders from management to make the team look good. So, we get clowns like Wheels that just make stuff up. And the sad thing is, some people don't know any better.

Where does Wheeler sit during the game? Isn't he way up on press row? Heck, you can't see close calls from way up there.

The TV guys are just tired.

I'll throw in my two cents: I like Wheeler's broadcasts. I've tried muting the television and listening to the radio for games broadcast on tv, but the delay makes it unworkable.

To each their own I suppose.

Just saw this on "Quote of the Day"

An ardent supporter of the hometown team should go to a game prepared to take offense, no matter what happens.
Robert Benchley
US actor, author, & humorist (1889 - 1945)

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