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Monday, January 11, 2010

Real "creatives" fight urban renewal

That's what's happening in Hamburg. Now that Portland has started streetcar madness on the east side in the hopes of turning Produce Row into the next Pearl District, will this sort of thing transpire here?

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Unfortunately, here we think that city planners ARE the creative class. Portland specializes in a kind of institutionalized creativity that is very much in tune with The Plan.

Should be interesting as the developer fill-in's and "urban planning" takes root on the poor side of the river. The OMSI "shuttle" averages around 3-5 "riders" as it operates now.

The homeless squatters recently showed the PPB what they think of their presence under the bridges near OMSI.

The streetcar should be a nice barometer and allow for an open discour...oh wait, this is Portland and I am not to be thinking for myself or the good of the city.

That is what urbane, I mean, urban developedmented does fer all us dum folk.

The Wilamette is a wide and mighty ditch.
Maybe in another 200 years...but not now.
Besides they have to fill up SoWhat first and the large for rent sign on the top of the John Ross does not bode well for that to happen any time soon.

Those German "creatives" are amateurs. Call me when they have ideas more insane and less practical than ...

The Flanders bike bridge
Bike lanes down Broadway in downtown
Anything SoWhat
A $500,000 fight over a stupid neon 'O'
$32M for ugly expansion of a stadium
And of course, THE TRAM.

A Planner is a combination of an engineer who doesn't know physics, an economist who doesn't know math, an accountant that can't balance a checkbook, and an architect who can't draw.

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