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Friday, January 8, 2010

Paulson stadium design showdown postponed

Little Lord Paulson has been telling Portlanders for around a year now that if we don't give him everything he wants as fast as he wants, well then, "major league" soccer won't come to town, and the world will end. But the guy can't ever seem to get his own act together in a timely way. Today we learn that the Paulson crew has requested a two-week delay in the city planning hearing on the PGE Park re-renovation design; it was supposed to be held on February 4. They're now not expected to get the final renovation plans to the city until the end of this month.

The city also confirmed today that as we reported here the other day, "there will be a separate Type III land use review required for the traffic study and adequacy of services. That will probably be submitted sometime in February."

Of course, the work on the project started before Christmas. Work first, approvals second -- that's the way it's done in Portland when the backroom deal was already made long, long ago.

Meanwhile, another alert reader informs us that the Multnomah Athletic Club, which is next door to the stadium and apparently still owns part of the land on which the stadium sits, has extended a "courtesy membership" to His Lordship and his royal family. The reader also reports that the MAC is planning to lease out some space from Paulson in a new structure that is going to be built on the south end of the ballpark. Yet another conflict of interest to add to the growing list, I guess.

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Apropos of nothing, this week's article in the Oregonian (with Sam Adams saying a deal with Paulson would be made next week) reported that the Beavers will play their last season in PGE Park in 2010:

The Triple A team will play its last season at PGE Park this year, and unless Paulson can make a deal for a new baseball park elsewhere, the team will be homeless after this season.

If Paulson is going to start tearing the park apart for soccer, how are the Beavers going to play a season in that space?

The part that kills me me is...LLP owns the Beavers too. Apparently he is willing to just let them rot? What about the players?
Shouldnt he be the one trying to find them a new home, not Randy Leonard?

According to her peers, it was Schwab’s tight-fisted approach to municipal fiscal matters that made her one of the most popular city commissioners ever. "I think the first time they called me a nitpicker was when I found a $10 million error in the budget," she said once. "If that’s nitpicking, leave me to it."

Where is this true watchdog when you need her? Rolling over in her grave I suspect.


Dad Brad, with Fish's attorney background and hopefully expertise on reading contracts and negotiation abilities; and Fritz's eagle eye and long time critiquing abilities maybe they could begin to become Schwab's Ghost.

Wouldn't it be nice that they step up like Schwab did with interesting facts before a vote, ability to get the media to report her concerns, then embarrass the rest of the Council during the review proceedings. Many times her knowledge and strong will prevailed in changing the game. It is time they both tried.

Two of them might equal one of Mildred.

Lee ... Unfortunately, even were Fish and Fritz willing to work against this whole ridiculous waste of money, the Boregonian would have to commit journalism and actually do some investigative reporting. It would have to take their opposition seriously. Their "reporters" (such as they are) would have to be willing to spill the beans and tell the citizens of Portland the truth about this mess. What are the odds on THAT happening?

Who do we know that can salt some Indian Arrowheads into their ground breaking ceremony?

A few of those and a TV news crew should be good for a two year archaeological dig.

And waiting in the wings is the "Jumptown" proposed redesign of the Memorial Coliseum and surrounding area. Even though other ideas have been submitted, this is the only one being given full play in the media.

And of course it will be a "Public/Private" funding scenario because the city stands to gain so much from the newest proposed linchpin project.

I noticed that, when the plans were shown on the news, cars could be seen traversing the middle of the Land of the Lost Boys midway. So much for a Leed designation . . .

Money for soccer . . . for a sports/luxe hotel/entertainment island . . . money for a streetcar to one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the area and the city is postponing its hearing related to homeless camping.

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