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Friday, January 1, 2010

Play the over/under on Kroger press releases in 2010

One thing we've learned about Oregon Attorney General John Kroger's leadership style from his first year in office: He's not shy about telling us what he's up to. The guy's a veritable press release machine. He and his p.r. chief, Tony Green, pop announcements out like waffles.

As the last year wore on, I started to wonder just how many of these releases I'd received. But alas, I didn't keep track. Not so in 2010. We'll post a Kroger-ometer and keep a running tally. Ditto for state treasurer Ben Westlund, who although active on the press release front, can't hold a candle to the A.G.:

And let's give our readers a chance to predict where the final Kroger tally will end up a year from today:

How many press releases will we receive from Oregon Attorney General John Kroger's office in 2010?
Fewer than 190
190 or more
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Comments (12)

A poll, not a pool?

How USToday....

I'd think you'd set up a pool for prophets. Then the prophets profits can go to some deserving not for profit. Like, maybe, a 12-step program for compulsive parabolic embellishers?

Correction: "hyperbolic", not "parabolic".

Did I miss a Kroger press release regarding the theft from his car
outside his SW home recently of his briefcase containing his badge and confidential material?

See, that's what threw off the count in 2009. The last few press releases were in Kroger's briefcase when it was stolen.

The next time I am down at the Blue Fortress I really do have to stop in to Records on the 11th floor and get a copy of the police report on Kroger's Kar Klout. It ought to make fun reading.

An awful lot of folks in SW have learned that it is unsafe to leave anything in a car parked anywhere in SW.

Wanna' bet that Commander Famous at Central Precinct sent out Portland's finest to actually take a report, rather than tell the AG to use the "call it in so we can ignore it" phone reporting system to which the rest of us are relegated?

There were 149 media releases in 2009 by the DOJ (by my count).

See http://www.doj.state.or.us/releases/index.shtml

Westlund has 66 for the year posted here:


I'm not sure the compilation pages include all the releases we've been getting in the e-mail. We shall see.

Would parabolic embellishers not need a program? A parabolic mirror still enlarges the subject.

Re: "A parabolic mirror still enlarges the subject."

darrelplant, infinitely so -- if one can manage to occupy the focal point, which is the ultimate aspiration of most pols.

Shouldn't there be a bozone emissions control on those?

Finally, some action (as of 1/6/2010). I was thinking these guys might actually let the entire first week of the new millennium pass without a press release.

I dunno, this counter on the top of the page seems a bit odd from a guy with a popular blog named after himself, I hope it won't be there all year. Was it the book award that put it over the top ? Better too many press releases from our public officials than not enough I say. What do you think about his substantive proposals and priorities ?

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