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Sunday, January 3, 2010

New year, hot 'dogs

The players have spoken, and here are their picks for this week's games in our charity pro football underdog pool -- the last weekend of the regular season. Everybody's going long:

13 KANSAS CITY at Denver - George, Annie, Mark, Gordon, Bad Brad
10.5 OAKLAND vs. Baltimore - genop's mom, Robert
10 CINCINNATI at NY Jets - Kevin, jmh, genop, Gary, Michael K.
8.5 NY GIANTS at Minnesota - Andy
7.5 NEW ENGLAND at Houston - Hank, Doug
7 INDIANAPOLIS at Buffalo - Sidney, Rick

No pick in sight from Michael W., Dan, or Flynn -- unless I missed something, they sit out this week. The orphan games are:

7 ST. LOUIS vs. San Francisco
4 SEATTLE vs. Tennessee
3.5 WASHINGTON at San Diego
3 DETROIT vs. Chicago
3 MIAMI vs. Pittsburgh
3 GREEN BAY at Arizona
2 TAMPA BAY vs. Atlanta
1.5 JACKSONVILLE at Cleveland

The pool standings are here. The games are all today and tonight, and so the playoffs will be upon us by this time tomorrow. Our contest continues for three more weeks, but with far fewer games and fewer big point spreads from here on out. Enjoy the games, everybody.

Comments (4)

Thank you Kansas City Chiefs!

Even I had that one. That first long bomb told how it was going to go. The only point-getter of the day so far for our players.

Dammit Gordon!

From here on out, not only do you have to pick a winner, but it has to be one that the player ahead of you didn't take.

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