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Monday, January 25, 2010

New achievement for Ducks football team

The latest reports are that they're leading the league in steals.

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Perfect item for Canzano. He loves to use the word allege.

Apparently the engraved macbooks Phil Knight just bought every UO athlete didn't have big enough screens:


Probably too hard to pawn or otherwise sell those custom engraved Macs, even in Eugene.

Last I checked, real journalists didn't run controversial stories with a single source. It is just hearsay. If she called me I could say that I was at the fight and saw Rob Beard getting kicked in the face by Jake Locker.

It might really have been them, and if it was they should be kicked off the team. It doesn't help anybody to publish a sensationalist, first person, uncorroborated account of the incident.

Uncorroberated? Sounds like they were caught in the act. If the perps weren't famous jocks I am pretty sure the police would not have felt "uncomfortable" about disclosing their names. Why bother to construct a $20M+ Athlete Academic Center if the so-called students think the only use for a computer is as loot to exchange for money? Perhaps we should just pay these guys a salary commensurate with their worth...

Why does this make rethink the outrage I felt for the AABA announcement?

HMM , there is a reason the cops are doing nothing , there is not much of a case. There are always Nobodies who want to bring down famous people.
Masoli for Heisman!

I believe the proper football terminology is "take aways." Still works.

Amateurs. Another year, another Southern Methodist University football player charged with rape. We still have fond memories of the four players busted for repeatedly gang-raping a kidnapped 16-year-old in 1999, with all four players getting 5 years' probation in exchange for a promise they'd never do it again, because "they have their whole lives ahead of them."

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