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Monday, January 4, 2010


Why does Oregon House Speaker Dave Hunt keep killing trees to send me a New Year's greeting card every year? I'm not even in his district. What else is he running for, and where does he get the money for this sort of thing?

The back of the card assures me that the mailing was not done at taxpayer expense, but it sure seems wasteful of whoever's dough it was. Can people who do stuff like this be trusted to spend tax dollars wisely? If I didn't know better, I might have thought that this was campaign literature from the No-on-66-and-67 people.

Speaker Hunt, next year, please don't send me another card. Give $1 to the Oregon Food Bank instead.

Comments (9)

Still riding the white horse it seems. I mean, that is a picture perfect portrait of the refined sugar addicted family!

If his wife was hot, you might feel otherwise.

This is not about the diets or looks of the Hunt family. It's about sending me a card.

Nor is it about the strange combination of a formally dressed family standing in the tidal flats of coastal Oregon (or a backdrop of same).

I think that's the Willamette, as seen from Milwaukie. Nice and brown.

Photo caption: "Examples of the sadly not endangered Oregon 'The Ass-hats'".

Jack: Was the postage stamped (US First Class), or via bulk (registered, discounted) delivery?

For the more grammatically literate folk than I: is "The" correct (rather than "the"), or just plain obnoxious and repellent in this example?

It was stamped, but not a first class stamp.

Was this the only holiday card you recieved from an elected official?

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