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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Move over, old 'dog

With Kansas City upending Denver today, there are new occupants in first and second places in our charity pro football underdog pool. Here are the standings as we head into the playoffs:

Gordon - 43
Mark - 41.5
genop's mom - 36.5
Rick - 33.5
Hank - 33
Bad Brad - 33
Doug - 28
George - 27.5
Michael W. - 24
genop - 21.5
Andy - 21
Robert - 20
Annie - 20
jmh - 15.5
Dan - 15
Kevin - 13
Gary - 10.5
Michael K. - 9
Sidney - 0
Flynn - 0

Next weekend is wild card weekend, with two games on Saturday and two on Sunday. Players, please take note: All picks for next weekend will be due by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, no matter whether you pick a Saturday or a Sunday game. We'll have the point offerings here on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

Comments (3)

I'm not even playing but I am getting interested in this as the playoffs arrive. Go genop's mom!!

I suck. As proven by Bill Simmons and his wife, analysis may be a good way to fill the space between games, but it won't get you anywhere on picking the winners. Seriously though, I suck.

After sharing with her the title of this entry, genop's mom was heard to mutter: "It's go time"

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