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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lie after lie after lie

Commissioner Randy Leonard cheered the deal, which is scheduled to be finalized next week. "It insulates the city’s taxpayers and general fund from any liability..."
But it simply doesn't! As even the bureaucrats at City Hall now expressly acknowledge:
Should the Fund not be able to support the bond expenses associated with this agreement, the General Fund would be responsible.
It's one thing to say, "This is risky, but we're going for it anyway." But somehow the Sam-Rand twins can't do anything without lying through their teeth about it. It's worse than Nixon.

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"the Fund"

The other thing they forgot is that the SFF had the Blazers, TImbers and Beavers contributing to it.

From now on, the Beavers - not so much.

Hey, Randy believes what he says, so what if he's delusional.

And when I think of the Timbers Army, I picture the dude who torched himself in front of the fur shop downtown today: true believers.

Even Fritz couldn't disagree with this deal. It's a slam dunk for Portland, and I will be thinking about Bojack as my Republican/Christian self is cheering side by side with my Timber Army brothers in 2010 and 2011. We won, you lost. Deal.

"It's worse than Nixon."

But it is a Portlandia kind of Nixon.

It is Keep Portland Weird kind of Nixon.

It is Nixonian, in the best Liberal Progressive Green Sustainable kind of way.

Actually, in all seriousness, I do find it rather strange that these two Portland leaders are so emboldened to lie to our faces in such a forthright & up front fashion.

It is almost like Randy and Sammy are saying: "Hey, F%&# You, Portland!!! What are you going to do? Recall us??? Bwaaa Haaa Haa! Go F#$% youself, Portland!"

El Fur,
As I've tried to get through to one of your brothers in the Timber Army, this is just a long process of pointing out how city government works in the hopes of correcting our ways. It's not about soccer or beer or having fun. I've been to lots of soccer matches myself here in Portland.
This is about accountability by our elected officials, who lie openly about transparency when they mean the opposite.
It wasn't a loss when we pointed out that the last PGE deal sucked, it wasn't a loss when we pointed out the shady "guesstimates" in the tram scam, and Jack should get an award for predicting South Waterfront in the face of the same gushing enthusiasm you're exhibiting today about this latest genius move.
This is just the next stop on the scam highway - there will be more because there has to be more. These people can't stop with the projects - no matter how crazy - and they certainly can't stop lying about them.
So wrap that scarf up tight. You're now contributing to the immense fortune of the Henry Paulson, Jr. family. Be proud.
I just wish we had someone analyzing Henry's deals on Wall Street before they helped take America to the brink. Or later with the George W. Bush administration.
Whatever happens to Portland, Jack will be seen as someone who understood the numbers and tried to help.
Reviewing this: We've gone from a soccer/baseball stadium to a soccer stadium. If that is winning, they've got a condo in South Waterfront they'd love to
sell you.

We are past being stunned by anything these city council officials do.
This is beyond creepy anymore, these officials are monsters!! The term is not used lightly. Fiduciary responsibility is not in their vocabulary. The worst of it is that our city may become bankrupt when it all adds up. By the time their careless or corrupt paths are apparent, it may be too late. Our jewel of a gold mine, our publicly owned Bull Run Water System may end up in the hands of international water corporations, as we may not be able to handle the over a billion dollar debt on water bureau projects. Leonard says he is not for privatization, Words are cheap, his actions are certainly opening the door to it. If anyone out there thinks that might not be so bad do your research!

Add the stadium and all the other pet projects to the list. They don't care, but we the citizens do and we have to stop these insane ventures and decisions by city council.

What legal recourse do we have?

I was there at today's council meeting, pointing out that the PGE Park deal has been fraudulent since Day One because MLS officials and the city have deliberately concealed the MLS "Venue Design Guide," which clearly indicates that PGE Park will never be able to meet minimum MLS requirements for restrooms, seating, and food concession stands.

The council, of course, ignored what I said, and Adams really is creepy when you make eye contact with him.

But when the meeting adjourned and I approached Paulson, who was waiting for the elevator, he scurried for the stairwell as soon as he saw me. I haven't seen anyone move that fast since I ran into a guy who owed me $2,200.

The interesting thing about what I observed at that meeting is that these people can be taken down. They know the deal is fraudulent, and they'll never admit it. But they're not savvy enough to know when it's time to quit.

So, they'll probably continue to pursue this deal, but they're headed down the path toward an SEC bond fraud investigation, because there don't seem to be any grown-ups at city hall willing to provide them with a legal reality check.

Hopefully, someone like attorney Steve Janik will rise to the occasion, because his legal butt is on the line, as well.

Oh, well.

Here's notice to Dan Saltzman that I'll be attending tomorrow night's candidate forum at the Backspace, at 115 NW 5th Avenue, beginning at 7 p.m. Admission is free. That should be fun, whether or not Saltzman shows up. I'll be giving all of the candidates photocopies of a hefty little document outlining the fraudulent fun facts having to do with this deal.

Who knew restrooms could be so interesting -- for the purpose for which they were actually designed!

Why doesn't the Oregonian pick up on these shady dealings?

Some of these comments are amazing. Watch more South Park, people, and save the bandwidth for those who are less self-delusional.

1. as my Republican/Christian self is cheering - Just identify yourself as a sheep from now on, because that is what you are.

2. It is almost like Randy and Sammy are saying: "Hey, F%&# You, Portland!!! - Yeah, um, that's because they are. Thanks for finally noticing.

3. What legal recourse do we have? - Guns and rioting. Time to stop beliving in the system, pollyanna liberal. Welcome to reality.

4. I'll be giving all of the candidates photocopies of a hefty little document outlining the fraudulent fun facts having to do with this deal. - Great. I'm sure the typical Portland gadfly act will set things aright, as opposed to merely drawing attention to yourself long enough for you to creep out the other attendees, all of whom will be return to their empty minds to their vested interest in the political bum licking session after wondering if you are unemployed or just lonely.

5. Why doesn't the Oregonian pick up on these shady dealings? - Please move to an assisted living facility. Soon.

So when is the FBI going to bust into City Hall and make Scam, Rand, and Danny do the perp walk? There has to be something illegal going on with a stupid deal like this one!

The funny (or not so funny for us taxpayers I guess) thing is that I wouldn't be surprised if the MLS is gone by 2011.

Jeebus, true that.

"When is the FBI going to come ..." - They came for Brandon Mayfield, but he was on his own so nobody noticed, what with the terror and all. Speaking of which, and seeing it -- terror -- that's the FBI coming. They are the boots on the ground of it: Fear Bludgeoned In (you). There are not (nor were) no nineteen fanatical hijacker terrorists, and there were no WMDs, and there is absolutely corrupted powermad electeds looking exact in your eye and lying, (also talking exact in your ear, lying illegally, and that's my riot at LIARS ... he's not elected yet still powercrazed corrupt), and it's all the same -- hijackers, WMDs, mayors, authority -- because TV media touches into primitive lizard-brain, and should your belief wear off and your doubt build up of the spell, that's when tragedy busts out of the TV or goons bust in the door for a next dose of Fear Bludgeoned In (society, you, truth overruling authority). The FBI is not coming to save. Spear-sharp legal beagles are not coming to save. Commissioners are not coming to save.

Whoever means to save and so works into power then always gets corrupt and such madness forgets meaning to come save.

So what saves? Jeebus, verse 3): guns and riot.

Wanted: Tony Blair for war crimes. Arrest him and claim your reward, George Monbiot, 25 January 2010

Without legal justification, the war with Iraq was an act of mass murder: those who died were unlawfully killed by the people who commissioned it.

,,, crime should be defined and prosecuted.

There are two problems. The first is that neither the government nor the opposition has any interest in pursuing these crimes, for the obvious reason that in doing so they would expose themselves to prosecution. The second is that the required legal mechanisms don't yet exist.

So today I am launching a website – http://www.ArrestBlair.org – whose purpose is to raise money as a reward for people attempting a peaceful citizen's arrest of the former prime minister. I have put up the first £100, and I encourage you to match it. Anyone meeting the rules I've laid down will be entitled to one quarter of the total pot: the bounties will remain available until Blair faces a court of law. The higher the ­reward, the greater the number of ­people who are likely to try.

At this stage the arrests will be largely symbolic, though they are likely to have GREAT political resonance.

Fundraisers Unite! Endow Reward$$$

Got reward money? We got our hands full grabbing work to do.

"We won, you lost."

Explain to me what you won. I sort of thought govt was supposed to help everyone not special interest pockets like MP or the developer class or the 4 members of the Timbers Army.

"Why doesn't the Oregonian pick up on these shady dealings?"

That would require some introspection and the resulting chaos would exceed that which currently exists at the Big O.

Sam Adams isn't lying if Randy says it The Truth. We learned that during the Beau Breedlove scandal, remember?

"LIARS ... he's not elected yet still powercrazed corrupt), arrestLIARS.org"

You have an affliction. I've identified it.

Obsessive Compulsive Larsonoma.

It's severe.

This may be your best demonstration of it to date as Lars has been a very consistent and vocal in his opposition to all of these Portland shams.

Your affliction has resulted in an imaginary enemy, LIARS, who doesn't even exist. I know the real Lars well. In addition to your delusion about his on air persona you've contrived the off air Lars to fit the figure you enjoy hating.
Possibly the most disturbing, yet humorous, part of your affliction in your "sharing" is your always present effort to appear intellectually superior.

As for Creepy and company, you should be go ahead and unleash your entire salvo.

One thing I have to admit about Lars. He was a brave soldier in the War on Christmas. At the very least, he deserved a candy cane.
However, he also helped sell the War In Iraq - even grandstanding by calling local protesters terrorists.
I think he was compensating for his lack of a military career, while helping to send thousands of our young men and women to die or be severely wounded in Iraq for reasons that were provably false - even at the time.
All these conservative DJs who pride themselves in their support of the Constitution and freedom, sure had their pompoms out when W was running wild. I would have been much more impressed with their principles if they stood up for freedom back then. You know - back when Dick Cheney was using copies of the Constitution as his personal toilet paper.
There isn't a pool big enough to hold the water Lars carried for the Bush administration.
But his noble tours of duty in the War on Christmas - now that's different. Bravery like that is very rare in the talk show world. I'm sure our soldiers in Iraq would be really impressed.

Bill, my friend,

Now why did you have to do that?

I was having a nice conversation with tensky and you toss in the Bush/Chaney/war bit and drag the thread away from the local scams which Lars has been as correct as you and I.

Is it possible to stick it to the local clowns without the LIARS/Bush/Chaney/War

Putting a cross on Pioneer Square for the Holiday shopping season was a local idea from Lars. Of course he backed out, rather than take a principled stand no matter what happened with his job.
And some of the young people killed in Iraq were from here. I went to 3 of their funerals.
The Iraq War isn't a distraction.
Lars should realize: War is the ultimate bad government program.

I think you're missing the point. The distraction is from the thread not from the importance of the war issue.

Yes, unfortunately war is the ultimate bad government program.
And now Obama is perpetrating it as he finds it unfortunately necessary.

As for Lars "backing out of the cross, rather than take a principled stand no matter what happened with his job" ????

What kind of suggestion or meaning is that supposed to be?

Lars doesn't have principals unless he championed, at any cost, the cross thing?

You've got to be kidding.
And what a lame thing to champion any way.

Even though I'm not religious, I don't think the cross should be used as a publicity stunt for a D.J.
But you're right. To turn it back: For a long time, I've believed the Portland City Council - while talking like progressives - has actually adopted many techniques of the Bush administration. The lying, the arrogance, the debt.
Take that darn soccer deal for example...

"has actually adopted many techniques of the Bush administration."

That's pure fantasy.
They adopted and expanded the Goldschmidt-Katz regime techniques while pursuading progressives to ignore them and vote for them anyway.

What has you so naive that you think these local scumbags can't come up with these schemes without Bush Techniques?

Do you honestly think all bad things must come from Republicans?

Even with the soccer deal it's not
Paulson swindling the local fools.

The local fools in charge put a sign up that said we're sleazy.

It's identical to the Cascade Station/airport MAX- Bechtel/Trammel Crow scam or the SoWa scam.
No Bush help needed.

Yeah, but Bush set the stage, and the lemmings followed, taking courage in doing so.

Before Bush there was Clinton, and before that, and before that....

It took the Bush-Cheney kids to nail it down.

We need a Massachusetts rebellion here.

And there is LIARS Greatest Hits:

"Overthrow the government"

"Another earthquake should destroy the Capitol and I hope the Governor and his group are trapped inside and killed when it happens."

"Open season on liberals - limit two"

"Gun control is using two hands - when aiming at liberals"

"Brandon Mayfield is a Muslim terrorist and should be executed."

"Randy Leonard is my friend."

- - Just off the top of my head, and that barely scratches the surface.

Stop me before I listen to another hour and have ten more immoral, anti-social psychopathological, flat-out criminal quotes of LIARS to list.

Sure you know him, Ben -- "the real Lars" -- but that 'him' is NOT the I'll-be-a-fascist-for-fame voice on the radio, which actually poisons weak minds impressed by and worshipping Celebrity: Victims of Bush.

And all of the brain scarring and mental disorder, inflicted permanently, in immature minds hearing LIARS bigoted hate-bent anguish, residue from his personal unfortunate trauma experiences and his social misfit rejections, is supposed to be shrugged off as harmless, passing, whimsical stream-of-consciousness, only posed to avoid :02 seconds of dead air, (where thoughtful self-reflections might occur), and in pursuit of merely another work day's radio ratings, and ad sales, by the standard formula of strawman 'conflict' and sensationalistic extremism for 'emotional shock and goad.' But the shrugging and posing 'it's only a joke' (not "the real Lars" -- sincere caring friend), is NOT a ad-libbing 'joke,' NOT a pass-it-off tickle amusement, NOT AN INNOCENT SKATE.

LIARS lies in whimsy's convenience does permanent formative damage, derangement, in REAL PEOPLE's REAL LIFE susceptible to vivid misperceptions while earnestly seeking, and listening, and straining in asking, to understand and comprehend and recognize 'what's going on' and 'who can be trusted' and 'why am I here' and 'where is a bedrock to believe in and live by'. LIARS gives them 'jokes' and lies and 'felicitous entertainments' only to get through his work day. Too many -- one is too many -- starved-for-affection self-searching minds take his prattle too seriously, memorized non-erasable, and it. destroys. their. LIVES., Ben.

And that. destroys. our. common welfare.

(Evidences that transient words kill:
1) radio fiction 'theatre play' broadcasted Halloween, 1938, "War of the Worlds" incited public panic, street riot property damage, several casualties, one fatality, among the residents of the town named on-air who didn't get the 'joke.'
2) A known fiction "Iraq has WMDs," radiowave broadcasted despotically, incensed the impressionable formative minds who panicked to military invasion, crimes against world humanity, five million refugees, three million casualties, one million fatalities, at least. (Plus national economic bankruptcy, let alone moral.)
3) False-faced "PGE Park renovation brings linchpin Major League Soccer preserving Portland," broadcast ballyhooed, that steamrollered civic comity and conscience, causing casualties and fatalities and failed occupations still being counted to-date.
4) "Paulson provides caring city-father investment philanthropy," gags literally millions on the thought; where in practice, indeed and in fact Paulson provides only for himself -- selfish greed puke and in all who swallow it. In effect exactly a LIARS.)

Careless words harm each of us in our lives more than the impact of rough sticks and stones. Evidence is in your own recollection -- which hurt went deeper and lasted longer: Steel pierced your skin?, or, An intimate called you unfitting?

- -

Ben, it is odd that my tourette's-like palsies and fits, sometimes some weeks in this keyboard confine, respectful of most -- and most of our host, kept accepted and held by the tolerance-to-each vital allowance of others, then my two-cents somehow somewhat seems a threat to dethrone LIARS totalitarian tongue, lasting loud four hours a day, torching every vehicle and home in this time zone.

Ben, any 'intellectual' affect is only me saying the words and ideas I've heard, and I've listened from bodhisattvas to Lady GaGa: Starstruck, I talk to the Moon, the air talks to me. I yam what I yam. Surprisingly friends and family love and talk with me like this.

Ben, as his friend you owe it to LIARS to tell him he hasn't got the guts to listen to thoughts. Maybe not the synapses either. Some day he gets ready to rumble, you just broker the bout, (here), Ben, and we can go at it. Face-to-face on his air-time if that's what he likes, though I don't give very good radio, (as if anyone does), or alone at a table with good eats and spirits, it don't matter to me who hears us, or if there's nobody, or if you sell tickets, as long as LIARS behaves himself.


I have no ide what you just said but
the Lars Show number is 503-417-7575

To make sure you get through,
I'll forward the back line number to Jack to send you.

You can call Lars anytime, like anyone else, and shre your wisdom with him and his audience.

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