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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Keep Portland beard(ed)

Some things never go out of style in the Rose City.

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Now all Chris needs is some facila tatoos...

The "beardiest city in America?" We are so frickin' cool I just can't stand it anymore...

You want some Portland style?
Try this.

A young man working as the host at the Doug Fir Restaurant a few years back was styled up with black nose hairs grown an inch out of his nostrils and twisted straight with moustache wax.


Now that's Portland style.

Ben, there's a joke in my family that for the last fifty generations, we've kept warm through the winter by weaving our nose hair into Tom Baker scarves. I didn't need to know that someone actually took that to heart.

oh...so that's whay they mean by they "creative class". I get it now.

If you can't grow hair on your head...grow a beard?

Well...I grew mine before I lost the hair on my head.

The last time I shaved my entire face was for three months thirty years ago...I had a role in a play.

I've been bearded for the better part of forty years, now. I grew a goatee as a high school sophmore and a full beard the following year. Blame Jerry Rubin and the Ohio National Guard.

No more blood sacrifices, no whiskers jerked out by the roots by crappy electric razors, no dumbass aftershave stuff...along with abjuring the leash known as a "tie".

Tell that to UPS. UPS company policy is to not allow beards on their employees, only mustaches (sorry ladies) Not a big deal if you're newly hiring on, however for those of us who were acquired, well lets just say it was a shock to quite a few.

Once explained, we understood but were still confused. Apparently UPS paid someone to perform a study on how people felt about folks who wear beards and the outcome was that bearded folks were considered more "aggressive" looking. So UPS decided that their drivers wouldn't be allowed to have beards and since everything at UPS revolves around the drivers, the rest of the company decided to follow suit, even the ones who sit in a cubicle all day under fluorescent lighting.

Now that I think about it, UPS did cut quite a few people from their newly acquired Portland office a few years back, perhaps it was our beards?

Interesting. The USPS doesn't care.

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