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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's official

This is the last year of the free online New York Times.

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Oh well, I'm tired of reading about how wonderful Portland is anyway. The BBC on line has more news about the good old US of A anyway.

The interesting thing is that they tried it before. They charged $15/yr for awhile. Shortly after I relented and ponied up, they went free.

For dead or soon-to-die links have you heard of this:


Should read:

This is the last year of the ... New York Times.

For those of you with the Iphone NYTimes app, remember not to update it come the end of this year. As that is likely when they will switch to making you pay.

Naturally, everyone in print journalism is watching this. If it succeeds, then expect every other paper in the country to move to this model. Then watch them all implode. The Times and the Wall Street Journal can justify charging for content just because of their reach and their targeted demographic. (Note that I said "justify", because I didn't want to be cruel with saying "rationalize".) Anyone thinking, though, that anyone with more than three brain cells would be willing to pay for access to the Oregonian or the Dallas Morning News, considering the awful content in both, has been freebasing far too much Preparation H.

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