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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Important terminology change

No longer will wasteful private construction projects, financed with tax dollars, be known as "linchpins." Until further notice, they'll be called "catalyst projects." Please make a note of it.

Comments (22)

Wait, you didn't say it right: For now the term "linchpins" will be repurposed.

...that's $250 million in initial fantasy budget, Beavertonians!

Catalyst: It is when a family man uses Super Bowl Sunday as an excuse to buy a giant TV, on credit. (Golf clubs are out of the question.)

Um, wasn't the Round supposed to be a "catalyst" project?

I thought the light rail was the catalyst project

Neither the light rai nor The Round were catalysts.

One ony gets a catalyst in Beaverton if "The Don", and his padrones, provide it.

The new site for the "Beavers" (not on Biggi's property) will be the catalyst.

Have fun, Beaverton!

Would Saltzman's "repurposing" of SoWhat $ for Neil's electric train set be a "catalytic converter"?

Maybe a catalyst project is a project that provides the catalyst for another catalyst project.

One generations catalyst project usually ends up becoming the next generations blight which then ends up being the impetus for a new catalyst project.

Catalyst projects linchpin revitalized creative New Urbanism development concepts in cutting edge stakeholder dialogues.

(Recall, Jack officially verbed linchpin the other day. I'm going to go shower now, I feel so dirty.)

I think Bill M. hit the nail on the head.

I'll show you my catalyst project if you show me your development area.

Nobody's said anything about a structural erection yet, have they?

With "The Don" in charge, maybe Beaverton can start its own Sopranos episode. As supporting staff "The Don" has former PDC staff member Elaine Howard working for Tashman Johnson, the primary contractor as a consultant. Hmmm, I can hardly wait for the next guest appearance by a PERS retiree who use to work for PDC or City of Portland Planning Department.

This is like a poorly scripted late night movie that just keeps getting repeated over and over and over - just at a new time and location (oops, I meant channel).

You can review the complete report at City of Beaverton wedsite, "City Council Agenda, January 25, 2010." The City paid Tashman Johnson $75,000 for their 39 page report or $1,923 per page - not bad for "gravy."

Mazziotti and Tashman - familiar names what?

All this time I thought they were "lynchpins".

Beaverton should take a look at the SoWhat district in Portland -- The Don's last triumph. Fireman Randy hired a consulting firm for a slogan for that one. They came back with "From Catalyst to Catastrophe."

catalyst...sounds sorta like a laxative product...

. . . this is all making me feel catatonic.

I still recall my college chemistry prof's demonstration of a catalyst in front of an 800-seat lecture hall audience - it ended up with a big, spectacular fire that he just had to back away from it and let it burn itself out. I was close enough to have to back off as well.

Maybe that's what "catalyst project" is intended to mean here - we see a big fire in the end.

There might be a silver-lining for Portland in this. Think of all the PDC staff that may be leaving for Beaverton....follow The Don.

Finally, the area needs a public amenity along with pedestrian and bicycle improvements to encourage residential redevelopment.

Really? We have two MAX stations. Isnt that enough "public amenities"? All the roads have bike lanes. And the Round already has a 4-story parking garage. Does it really need more?
There's already acres of apartment complexes in that area. Of the "affordable" type. I live there. I should know. So, what then? Is this Beaverton's Pearl District now?
Gentrification in downtown Beaverton?

Yes, they'll give you Gentrification, and a little hard surface pocket park as a bonus. Have fun.

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