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Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to save newspapers

Tax Google.

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i have an idea quit being so darn liberal in all your views and quit with the same old the end of the world is coming for schools if we dont pass tax measures for them.quit having the same old tired views and how about getting some conservative columnists and editorial board folks too who have a different opinion on things?

Brilliant - If someone does too good a job and the consumer likes them and the ancien regime is threatened - Tax 'em to death!

Why be creative when you can be oppressive?

I've read that article a couple of times and it doesn't really make sense.

The premise of the tax is that Google benefits tremendously in ad revenue from linking to sites that traffic in the illegal downloading of music and movies.

But, I really doubt that google makes much money off those links. I doubt they make any money at all off of those links.

This sounds like the French President is just trying flex his muscles. Meh.

I have an idea, too: punctuation!

Great idea, you gotta tax the folks that got the dough.

You don't have to be a lib to understand that!

There is something called the public good, apparently many of the readers here just don't get that concept.

Whatever the tax, if it's needed for the good of the people so be it.

No one would propose more or new taxes unless they were needed to do what people need and want.

If it's for our own good there's no reason to oppose them.

I think I just felt something.

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