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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hidden treasure

We've just come back from an incredible display of thousands of antique toys and banks:

It's right in the heart of Portland, but impossible to find unless you know where to look. Have you been there yet?

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Is that top one a dentist?????? Ouch!!

Every time I go to my dentist I give thanks for living now and not 100 years earlier.

The top one is a barber and a shoe shine guy and a dentist -- all in one chair. Ouch is right.

Where is this?

Is this it?
Kidd's Toy Museum
Address:1301 SE Grand Ave., Portland, OR
Directions:Unmarked building on Grand Ave, one way street north. The building is on the west side of the street next to an auto parts store. It you have passed a store called Surface, you have gone too far, make a left at the next street and follow the south directions. If you find yourself traveling south, on MLK Blvd. Go about a mile south of the Convention Center, look for a Burger King on the east side of the street, turn left after the BK, and left again on Grand. Then follow the Grand directions.
Admission:Free, donations accepted.
Hours:Often open, but visitors should call first. (Call to verify)

It is a wonderland! and that is not hyperbole.

Current hours are M-Th noon-6 p.m.; Friday 1-6 p.m.; others by appointment. Groups bigger than 10, call ahead. Knock on the door when you get there.

It's right in the heart of Portland

Well, there's the problem. Does anybody visit "the heart of Portland" anymore - aside from panhandlers? I can't remember the last time I actually stopped in the ghostland, though it was before they installed the solar parking thingies, whenever that was.

I HAVE been there. Its amazing to look at toys from a century ago but also marvel at toys you unwrapped under the tree when you were a kid...and most in mint condition. We spent hours there and I'm sure we just scratched the surface. The room full of old banks alone is worth the trip.

The Advertising Museum? ...oh, right, it's gone too. Of course Metro offices are there now, so it still sorta' counts as an advertising museum, right?

Max, you must have missed John Benton's post with the address, or you'd have realized that the "heart" of Portland includes the east side. You know, the part of Portland where most of the people live.

As for the Advertising Museum, Old Zeb, the original space when it opened in the late '80s was Erickson's Saloon, at NW 2nd & Burnside, across from what was then the offices of Willamette Week, now the site of Barracuda, "Portland's Premiere Nightclub." The AAM spent it's last years in Chinatown, not where Metro built its offices, although I think that building's gone as well.

Jack, I'm sure this hidden treasure would love it if you just came out and told people where it was.

John Benton got it, above. Kidd's Toy Museum.

I really liked the bust/bank of Lucky Lindy. People really loved him. I also liked the model and a few pieces of the Battleship Oregon.

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