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Thursday, January 14, 2010


A nation whose history is already one of great suffering now finds itself the victim of a devastating earthquake. The dead are expected to number in the tens of thousands. More than a million are without homes.

People all over the world are responding, including from our neck of the woods. Mercy Corps asked that I post something asking readers to help. I'm happy to do so. If you have a few bucks available to help try to restore a lost country, go here.

Some day, a big one will come Oregon's way. We won't be prepared for it, and we'll need a lot of outside help. Excuses won't sound too good to us then. Let's give up a few store-bought coffees and do the right thing with the money saved.

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Good post, Jack. Here's a painless way to send something:

Send a $10 Donation by Texting ‘Haiti’ to 90999

See Red Cross website: http://tinyurl.com/yeszc49

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Thanks, Jack, for providing an easy way for us to help.

Jack, really glad to see some great organizations mentioned by you and others. It is really important to get those folks help ASAP.

Just a warning though to all. I saw that the FBI did a press release on 1/13/10, warning that scam relief groups often pop up quickly after an event like this. I don't know what makes folks like that tick, but just make sure your money is going to the organizations we all know and trust.

The information noted is located on the FBI website scam alert page: http://www.fbi.gov/cyberinvest/escams.htm

Our family donated a couple Benjamins to this trusted organization. http://doctorswithoutborders.org/

I heard Obama sent a carrier group there yesterday, and we should have a couple thousand Marines on the ground in a few days.
Be careful when searching for information though. I found a few overseas news agencies (and NPR) that have put up unedited pictures from there. Not good at all. And certainly not good for little kids to see.

I was moved by how many people were already down there helping before the quake. It makes me want to do more with my life.
As far as what this represents seismically, I've heard so much about the effects of earth crossing the galactic plane but I always shy away a little from these unusual theories.
Our planet has a lot of earthquakes so what you have to look for are unusual signs. They said Haiti's was the biggest event in that area in 200 years. If we walk into one of those "once every few centuries" events, that could mean the Big One off the Oregon Coast.
We should prepare more.
Oh, and Pat Robertson should have the class to wait at least 'til the people buried in the rubble are either rescued or have died, before turning this into a religious thing.

Pat Robertson and class? You've got to be kidding, Bill.

Then again, I suppose that's your job.

Haiti needed our help before this terrible earthquake, and they need it even more now.

Jon - I don't understand why posting unedited pictures of the aftermath of this disaster is so bad. Should the news sites edit out the worst of what happened so we can hide our heads in the sand about how bad it really is?

For those who might be interested in my take on the plight of Haiti, check out yesterday's blog post: A Million Miles Away . . .

No, dont get me wrong. Im not saying it was bad. I wish our media didnt sanitize the "news". I always go to outside the US media when stuff like this happens because I want the whole story.

My intent was just to provide a warning for those who cannot handle seeing stuff like that, or if they have little kids hanging around. They are pretty graphic.

Jon, Thanks for the clarification. I read you "Not good at all" as referencing the fact the pictures were posted. Makes total sense now. Having seen many of the pictures, you are correct that the situation there is "not good at all."

American Express, VISA, and other credit card companies are waiving fees to Mercy Corps and all other charities on this list.

Doctors without borders!
Truly an ethical charity.
Here is the HAITI FUND

What the media don't say can hurt you.
(Thanks for showing the map, Jack, that Dominican Republic is also a country on the island of Hispaniola, maybe damages there, and Cuba is about 100 miles close, maybe damages there -- no reports in any media mention these adjacent countries or the aftermath condition. ... except bojack, at least with a map.)

Here is more, that no USA propaganda media reported, this from my 'hero' Wayne Madsen Report .COM.

January 14, 2010 -- Obama gets "F" for initial Haiti earthquake response

President Obama attempted to not repeat the same mistakes made by his predecessor, George W. Bush, in responding to natural disasters. ... However, Obama's handling of the response to the Haiti disaster was in keeping with Obama's secretive CIA past. [Who knew?] Obama kicked off his media appearance by stating that his first response was to dispatch a U.S. military ground assessment team Haiti that included a U.S. Navy P-3 Orion from the U.S. surveillance base at Comalapa in El Salvador conducting aerial surveillance of the devastated country.

While Obama, who is clearly not suited to emergency response by defaulting to his military in responding to the Haiti earthquake, was talking about U.S. military assessment teams going to Haiti, Cuba's President Raul Castro and Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez already had field hospitals on the ground in Haiti rendering medical assistance to the injured.

It was only later that Obama officials decided to dispatch the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and some Coast Guard cutters to Haiti. There remained confusion over the dispatch of the hospital ship, USNS Comfort, to Haiti, something that was specifically requested by the wife of Haitian President Rene Preval because all of Port-au-Prince's hospitals were destroyed or abandoned after the quake. However, as of the evening of January 12, the Comfort was still docked in Baltimore with a five-day transit time to Haiti. Only in the late afternoon of January 13 was the Comfort ordered to sail to Haiti.

And in the 'prickly' Chat Blog on the WMR website, there was this comment by a self-said medical doctor in Tennessee. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't, maybe he's there and maybe he's not. (WMR in Wash.DC is all political power intrigues, all the time; and up and down the Chat Blog is all literally CIA trolls, all the time.) In the matter of the 'doctor,' maybe he's a he, and maybe he's not. Read and believe, or not, at your own risk.

TnDoc (Oak Ridge, Tennessee)

All... At the risk of being called a "doomer" once again...

We should learn from the lesson of Haiti before us now! This could hit any of our areas at any time... Simple preparedness steps - food, water filter, emergency supplies, etc. - in place - now (!) - could save lives in a real way...

Nine meals from anarchy

Strategic Grain Reserves – Sold Out?

And, for the HalfPastHuman believers among us:
C14, Pole Shift, Noodle Soup

Please, don't just sit there - do something for you and yours!

...And, send a few bucks to Haiti, if you can...

As a toss-off for anyone looking 'outside US media' in order to get 'full story' of things, here is YouTube video (28 min. show) of Russian Television on the subject, of media propaganda ('How To' for Dummies), and one guest is Wayne Madsen, American, ex-NSA, and a frequent commentator on RT.
CrossTalk on Media: Brainwash, Bias, Agenda

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