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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Google to China: Shape up or else

The Chinese may not be afraid of the U.S. military, but let's see how they deal with something even more powerful.

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I will be shocked if Google really follows through with pulling out China Operations because of the compromised emails. I think Google is just trying to win points with the US Gov in an effort to gain traction in other areas they have having problems in , such as the copy righted materials being scanned and broadcast to the world. I asked a few people here at the John R. Carlisle Institute if they thought Google would really pull out of China and no one thought they would really do it. Time will tell and we will see, probably sooner than later.

John R. Carlisle

I'm all for telling China to either clean up it's act or no more imports to the USA - they don't care about safety-remember the melamine in baby formula-look at this:


What else are they hiding?

This has to be posturing on Google's part. They hold something like 30% of the search market in China. Are they really going to walk away from that and cede the market -- which will only grow -- to homegrown rival Baidu?

China is so big and so entrenched in our lives that we may someday be resigned to moving to its Google alternative.

China has an "us-against-the-world" mindset and it may become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

TOTALLY backwards.

What is the ONLY group which is tapping every email and internet account, tracking all, THE single source of every hack, hoax, hiccup, and spam -- the ONLY one that CAN -- FULL. SPECTRUM. DOMINANCE.

Give up? Clueless? Can't remember reading what THEY said they were doing?

NSA/CIA/FBI/USGovt. Cutter of undersea cables, controller of all copper wires and fry-cells frequencies. Google is merely the software wimpnerd on the wires; NSA/CIA/FBI/USGovt is the chips and bullets.

I don't doubt for a nanosecond that it looks to Google like the 'hack' is coming out of China. That's what Google is supposed to see; it's designed and deployed to look that way to Google. Google is sincere and honest in its statements of its thinking and Google is a used stooge.

I am absolutely certain it is NOT coming out of China. Because: Why would they? oh ... oh ... I forgot, "they hate us for our freedoms" ... and other brainwashing bullsh!t. It doesn't occur to China this USA goose (Google included, and instrumental) is laying golden eggs in their lap every hour. Those inscrutable numbskulls are too stupid to know what side there bread is buttered on. And it is plainly obvious around the world to see what a shaky hold on power China's leaders have, and they must be losing sleep quaking at the protesting threats of a few hundred dissidents in exile typing messages to remove them.

And I am absolutely certain that NSA/CIA/FBI/USGovt is hellbent to eradicate the threat of democracy, by informed world citizens, to haul them into World Court, try, convict, and imprison the 'authority' persons there for crimes against humanity. "Democracy is what comes out the end of the internet," (Bill Clinton said), and NSA/CIA/FBI/USGovt could and would strategically and tactically and logistically maneuver on the 'geopolitical chessboard' to undo it, derange the internet, as the only threat to their SuperPower, (the information that their imperialistic bankrupt butts have no clothes -- *POP* the bubble).

Besides, that's what NSA/CIA/FBI/USGovt said "CONTROL CYBERSPACE" they were gonna do. Or try to.

China said they got no problem they can't handle, dissident-wise, no need to project force and invade beyond their borders (as they never have for 5000 years). Everything's cool. Buy more stuff, send more money.

- - -

I am constantly astonished, and disappointed, how much the TV and newspapers pump lie upon lie into TV-zombie American brains, who then come back time and again as gullible as goats and swallow the next false fairy tale hook line and sinker. 'Because, you know, America is the greatest and the only people in the world' (and aren't allowed out of walled borders to go see it).

The phony power charade might be starting to break down, though, if YouTube gets many more homemade videos like this one, where some iPhone-packin' person who knows where the blame goes bumped into Big Man Bush risking being seen in public, and called the murderer to his face a "lying Zionist piece of sh!t." Let a few million 'little' people get a load of that .... See to it: GHWB Heckled at Pizza Place.

Since all bootlegged products comes from China anyway, I suppose they will just bootleg their own version of Google!

It will be 1/10 the cost!

(loved the video Tenskwatawa)

China has an "us-against-the-world" mindset and it may become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Whereas the USA, with a trillion-dollar military budget and hundreds of military bases in the Pacific, Asia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, just wants to be everybody's friend.

Don't be fooled by Google. Their ongoing assualt on privacy and copyright law is going just fine. Their motto "Don't Be Evil" just might be one of the more Orwellian ironies of the next decade.

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