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Friday, January 15, 2010

Follow the brick sewer road

Shocking! The papers on the Paulson stadium scam still aren't ready for public consumption. But the construction project rolls on, of course -- work's already started. It's pretty obvious that with the possible exception of Steve Janik, the city's lawyer on the deal (sort of), nobody involved in this level 9 fiasco knows what they're doing. And they're hiding all sorts of stuff from the public.

The collective nervous breakdown known as the Adams administration continues -- now in its second year! Any more, when people ask me how things in Portland are, I act like I'm in Maine.

Comments (7)

It's like the men's room scene: They can't stop now!

Exactly. They must tear everything up beyond recognition, and quickly so that they can use the "We are too far along in the process now" defense to quadruple the budget.

It's good to see that His Creepy Honor will be taking the week off during the one-year anniversary of his high-school student sex scandal admission.

...and everybody who has responsibility for making them accountable to the law just keeps whistling cheerfully, checking their manicures and looking the other way.

So did the second recall effort die on the vine before it ever got started? I thought there was some new financial backing? The thoughts of Mayor MrCreepy for three more years is so depressing, not to mention the anticipation of the impending doom his administration is sure to bring.

the second re-call thing-a-ma-bob was a ruse. It will most likely start in the winter of 2012, just before the election, saves money that way.

Creepy could not be more incompetent and dishonest.

Vera taught him well.

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