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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fireman Randy's storm troopers move in

A reader writes: "Thought you would be interested to know that the Portland Fire Department has four ladder trucks and another three or four vehicles posted around the old Greek Cusina."

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Plus Fireman Randy has now been cleared by the FD to personally climb around on the roof like a jackass!

Up to six ladder trucks now. Hope there isn't anything more pressing for them to do.

I understand the need to follow safety codes. But this city has a reputation for being anti-commerce, and this little stunt isn't helping things any.

I'm over Randy. He needs to go.

I saw three ladder trucks and a fire department vehicle parked on the East side of the building at 2:00. The lower floor appears to be cleared out and a lot of fire men just standing around.

The GC owner doesn't strike me as very sympathetic, but he's more sympathetic than Randy Leonard, and I hope he takes this to federal court. If there are other known code violations that didn't get the same aggressive treatment, a jury could easily see this as Randy Leonard's personal vendetta against the GC. He wouldn't be able to hide his distaste for the GC owner from the jury. So much of the COP's conduct is like this. They constantly treat some companies better than others, protecting their favorites from competition by unequal application of the laws. It's unconstitutional.

I saw the 4 trucks and 2 chief's cars there too at about 1:30 pm.
Does Randy get to blow the siren? Oh yeah...he just blows!
Sure glad my house wasn't on fire this afternoon!

If everyone is in violation of something then They can prosecute whoever They dislike.

One has to ask: Are they armed?

Snards, it still not clear whether Mr Leonard is allowed to fight fires with PFD personnel:

Having passed the PFD's training exercise, he is now permitted to be on the scene of "firegrounds," but he still must be accompanied by a PF&R Safety Officer. The O's Mr Mayer seems not to have learned what role the Safety Officer has been assigned in managing Mr Leonard's participation.

mr leonard clearly practices favoritism toward his rich developer buddies and treats them a certain way.

Not one word on the local news shows tonight, but friends in Seattle tell me that this flap made their news last week.

KGW had it on Sunday night; I think KOIN did too.

I think Randy is mostly a dope with delusions of granduer and tendency to knee jerk into being an instant expert on issues he neglects to sufficiently study.
That and he's a jerk of course.

But what exactly is it that hs so many voters and Storm Large thinking he is so swell? What?

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