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Thursday, January 28, 2010

False positive

Ford made a $2.7 billion profit last year. That beats the alternative, I guess, but whoopdee doo. The government spent $200 million more than that on "clunker" rebates.

Our kids are going to pay that in taxes as they work their fingers to the bone for their Chinese overlords. But hey, good for Ford, for now.

We're very much about "now" these days.

Comments (7)

I just wish Democrats would remind folks of these types of things when they try to raise taxes.

A lot of these corporations are basically run as socialist programs. Where the risk is taken on by the tax payer, and the profit is the companies to keep. Meh.

Hey, at least they didn't take the gov money like Chrysler/GM did. Especially since both GM/Chrysler really haven't changed the way they do business.

I will never buy a GM or Chrysler product again.

I actually think Ford is a glimmer of hope in the dying American auto industry. They didn't take stimulus money and they make a pretty good product. I rented a brand new Ford Fusion in California, and I was actually pretty impressed, expecially since I've mostly avoided American cars due to cheezy build quality.

Steve beat me to it. Ford's come a long way since its early "Escort" days.

On the other hand Ford is still stuck with hundreds of dealerships they don't need. In the long run dumping dealerships may have been the best thing that GM & Chrysler received out of the government bailout.

If the dealership is making a profit why would you want to "dump" it?

Why would you even care if a dealership is making a profit. Dealerships are the manufacturers' customers. Who's going to buy a brand that has no dealership in, say, Bend or Lahaina?

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