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Friday, January 8, 2010

City of Seattle cutting top bureaucrat positions

Think this could ever happen in Portland? Fat chance. They just hired a consultant who came up with a new slogan for the Portland human resources bureau: "From Patronage to Pension."

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C'mon you know Sam needs all 30 people doing his busywork in that office.

It is kind of shocking, but based on the power of the public employee unions, it probably is the only place he can cut.

Wow. An actual leader making actual difficult decisions. It's been so long that I barely understand what I'm seeing....

Get him to move down here. The recall would be a slam dunk. Maybe he can bring a couple of friends to replace Randy and Dan.

Seattle also fired their football coach, another thing Portland doesn't have the (basket)balls to do.

Typical first day show boating. Let's check back in 6 and 12 months to see what really happened.

"From Patronage to Pension" -- good one.

If CoP just cut out public relation staff from all the commissioner staffs and all other bureaus and throw in the PDC, that would be 63 positions. That's a savings of $5.67 Million including all their benefits.

Fifteen years ago we didn't have all this PR staff spinning messages on how well government is performing.

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