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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Change of venue

Last night, while watching Portland's quirky, irresistible sports talk TV show Talkin'
, we noted that they had moved from their old bar location to a new studio inside the Rose Quarter. The new set actually makes the panelists all look better, but the funky charm of coming from a bar booth is gone.

Now we see that they had to move -- the bar they used to broadcast from has closed.

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Ouch. Not just on the restaurant closings, but on the change of venue. I've seen a few examples of this over the years, with bars and restaurants that host programs like this in the hopes of attracting more business. It's great for the programs, but people deciding to eat at a restaurant or go to a bar just because their favorite television program is taped there only works at a national level.

The Agency was a terrible concept to begin with. It was a horrible place to watch a game if you actually cared about watching the game. They tried to walk a thin line between "sports bar" and "meat market". That will never work. Its like trying to combine a lingerie shop with a hardware store.

Nevermind their crappy tap list, mediocre food and overpriced drinks. Add to that that it was not within walking distance to any other place the 'hipsters' that went there would want to go to after agency got boring.

I recently found myself in Big Al's in the 'Couv with my kids. Big fun, and humming on a Sunday afternoon. Apparently they're about to open one in Beaverton.

i enjoyed my one trip to The Agency - big screens, big sofas, little skirts. but i agree that it was not a good fit for portland. would have been a great venue in houston though. oh well. i wonder what they're gonna do with those awesome tv's.

I love "Talkin Ball"...Dwight and Jim never hold back. But I understand they're losing guest panelists because Comcast refuses to pay 'em.

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