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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blog hiatus in the works

One of our resolutions for the new year is to do a bit of traveling.

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Don't go hiking along the border with Iran.

Does Iraq have service for your iPhone? If so, you can travel to your heart's content and still keep bojack.org humming along, assuming you aren't beheaded or blown to bits by an IED.

You can throw your shoes at those statues!
Have fun...

less is more. your best work has always been when we're sleeping.

Perhaps there is an Iraqi law school that needs a guest lecturer on tax valuation.

Over there they have a head tax -- if you don't pay your tax, they cut off your head.

Why imbibe from the propaganda wing of the foreign power that was so instrumental in establishing the government that ultimately produced the Baathists and Saddam? Especially since you have the NYT close at hand:

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