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Monday, January 25, 2010

Big Pipe Saltzman openly panders to the soccer hooligans

And they're all calling him a "legend." He'll be putting this one on the wall next to his "profiles in courage" award from OHSU and Homer Williams on the aerial tram [rim shot].

What next? A Timbers Army PAC?

UPDATE, 2:16 p.m.: As you may have discovered, the soccer children have blocked anyone from coming to their little message board from this site, but you can read Dan's solicitations of political support if you cut and paste the following addresses into your internet browser:



Here's what he wrote in the longer of the two messages:

Dear Timbers Supporters:

I wanted to thank each of you for your ongoing support and advocacy to keep Portland "Soccer City USA".

As you may have heard, Portland City Council has put the finishing touches on the agreement that will assure PGE Park to be the home of Major League Soccer in 2011. This was a long and arduous process that required a great deal of negotiations to reach an agreement that protects taxpayers and provides the needed improvements.

We are grateful to Timbers owner Merritt Paulson for his commitment to Portland. Without his personal monetary guarantees and dedication to building a world-class franchise, none of this would be possible.

Components of this deal that I fought for include:

· The deal protects taxpayers from risk – as no funding will be coming out of the City’s general fund.
· The agreement includes PGE Park becoming the first LEED Sliver certified stadium in the country.
· The nearby health clinic has committed to provide services to all of Portland’s citizens- regardless of types of coverage, age, or socio-economic background.

What was most important to this deal being a success was the support of you, the Timbers fans. I have no doubt you will continue to be the most active supporters in the country as we transition to MLS.

As you may also be aware, I am running for reelection as City Commissioner my opponents have criticized my support to bring Major League Soccer to Portland. I would like to have your support. To get involved in my campaign please visit www.dansaltzman.com ; for opportunities or call my campaign office at 503-222-5228.

I could use some Timbers style support at the upcoming “Candidate Olympiad.” It is a free event sponsored by the Portland Mercury and The Bus Project this coming Thursday, January 28th at Backspace (115 NW 5th Ave) starting at 7:00 pm. I expect to hear harsh criticism for my support of MLS among other issues- and it would be great to see some friendly faces and those green and white scarves!

Feel free to call my campaign office if you need any details.

Rose City Till I Die!


Dan Saltzman

Comments (46)

I think I'm gonna throw up....

That has to be the most pandering screed I've read all year.

I think I'm gonna show up ... on Thursday to make sure Dan Saltzman gets an earful. We can't let these hooligans make a show for him.

Does the PPD know that soccerfan is getting ready for a rally. You know how soccerfan gets when they are in large groups.

p.s to soccerfan:


"Rose City Till I Die!"

Ha ha ha ha....

So what's that buy Salzman - 4 votes? (that includes Merritt, but not their dogs)

And they're all calling him a "legend."

I think he started that. He created a profile for the site and used an avatar that calls himself a legend.

Feel free to call my campaign office if you need any details.


LLP can't vote for Big Pipe. LLP lives in Lake O, in Clackamas County.

I want a bumper sticker...
"Rose City Till I Die!" :-)

Timbers style support.

What else could that mean other than physical/verbal intimidation of the audience at the event?

Help Portland's Children!

Take baseball away from them and make professional soccer so expensive none of them can attend.

Then, choke all the money out of parks so programing for children by letting the fat old guys from outside the city control the best ballfields in the city.

Screw up parks by allowing people to run their large dogs freely around anywhere, despite reputedly establishing 'off-leash areas' and not policing them. Many parents are rightfully fearful of their child being attacked by inadequately controlled dogs.

Waste so damned much money creating 'legacy parks' for developers, which, of course, do not serve but a very narrow slice of Portland's park users, and that is NOT children.

Danny is a sorry waste of an Ivy League education. He should be sent before a firing squad, but since that's not likely, nor allowable, I'd strongly suggest that we vote him out of office.

Too bad we couldn't do it before he obsequiated all over himself for Paulsons.

Saltzman reminds me more and more of a Cocker Spaniel our family owned years ago, pretzeling and peeing all overhimself in an effort to gain favor and repell harsh words.

Just checking to see if I can comment on this site. I figured after that shocked response to being blocked from the Timbers board that you might have had second thoughts about purging your own site of any opposing viewpoints.

Not holding my breath, --gene

I apparently owe Bojack an apology. Sorry for assuming the worst and thanks for restoring access, I will make every attempt to stay civil and on-topic.

Keep on blogging! Even those of us that don't agree like to get a different perspective once in a while.

Do you have a comment? I do - defeat the SamRandyDan Corporate Welfare trio. Blow, big sewer pipe, blow!

Dan "The Liar" Saltzman says that the renovated PGE Park will be the first LEED Silver Certified stadium in the country. It's not. Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., is.


Even if he was telling the truth, which he isn't, he is more concerned about appearances than going to bat for the city. 10 years from now when the true cost of this boondoggle comes due to the taxpayers, I'm sure we'll all look back and be proud that we have the first, oh, I mean second, oh, or third? well somewhere on the list LEED Certified Silver stadium in the country.

Between these committments and those about to descend on those of us in the "elite class" from M66, Clark County is looking better and better all the time.

You've got 3 days left to sign up with Mary Volm. Let's help her get rid of Saltzman!

Fearless, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you the guy doing quite well living off your PERS pension? I had the impression this was yours:


Are you sincerely suggesting that you people collecting PERS should relocate out of state if M66/67 pass?

"Rose City Till I Die" ???

Let us hope Mr. Saltzman does not procrastinate.

I think he meant

"Rose City till IT dies"

Which means NFL

Watching this whole mess from far away, I'm surprised that THIS isn't the focal point of recall efforts against the mayor. You could even add in a couple of other city councilors.

Mayor Creepy's personal behavior is icky and it's easy to get people upset about it. Not that it isn't important, but the economic and social impact (not to mention political malfeasance) of the stadium reconstruction and the potential loss of the Beavers seems so much more important.

"LLP can't vote for Big Pipe."


Give Salzman some credit he's got an in with two organizations about to go bankrupt, MLS and CoP.

Does Dan Saltzman honestly believe he is going to win the election with the Timbers Militia working his campaign? Those goofballs have a tainted reputation and will only drag him down. If any of them came to my door, I'd laugh in their faces and tell them what I really think. Who is advising him?

Rural Resident, I agree, the focal points on Sam's recall should include fiscal irresponsibility, like on PGE Park, Sam's confiscating $20 Million from SoWhat for the Milwaukie Light Rail, and his taking of $200 Million from the State in Lottery Funds for the Milwaukie Light Rail.

There are more items to add to his list and the recall folks should emphasize these as well as his lying.

It's a sad commentary on Portland citizens that they almost feel apologetic to have a recall. Tucson right now is starting a major recall against their mayor and two council members based on not enough emphasis on being business/economic focused. No lying and stealing by any individuals there, but citizens are up in arms. They want jobs.

I am sure very few in the Timbers Army vote anyway.

I thought Jack was all for stadiums being built by taxpayers...


Major league baseball is a whole different ballgame, literally and figuratively. It actually would stimulate the local economy, unlike the pee wee league that passes for "major league" soccer in the United States. And it's not going out of business over the next three years, or ever.

In any event, the baseball dream died about five years ago, well before the recession. I don't know what I'd say about it now, but it doesn't really matter.

dirty bedfellows:

The Timbers Army have a "tainted reputation?" Cite actual facts that back this up, or retract this slanderous, unfounded statement.

The Oregon Adult league is full of teams that play better than the Timbers out at Delta Park every Sunday 1/2 hungover. Get over this bush league and move onto something that will actually make a difference in people's lives. That's the problem with soccer. You could actually beat the Timbers with a bunch of has been hung over foreigners hand selected from a park league.... What a joke!

Also apart from whining on this blog what have you done to oppose this deal? Have you showed up and testified at City Hall? Have you petitioned your elected officials? Have you gone to the media?

I've done all of those.

I used to go to Timbers games a long time ago, long before there was a "Timbers Army" and their fashion mimicry of european fans and angry rants. I'm unclear how, given that Saltzman and the res of City Council even went so far as to wear scarves and send smarmy campaign letter like the one published here, it mattered at all what ordinary citizens felt or preferred.

And really, this is not "all about you", Timbers supporter--it's really more about how citizens feel about the developer and monied interests handjob-fest that seems to be occurring between Paulson and City Council. Again--not about soccer, but about something other than the sport itself.

Timbers Army - if you are so sure that MLS will be a financial sucess - why are the terms of the long term bond issue indicative of a failed enterprices (9%, zero coupon structure, general fund liable)

The problem is that even if the Timbers are a success the taxpayer is losing $4-5 million or more each year on this deal. It would be cheaper for the taxpayers if the Timbers did fold, as that would mean less wage subsidies and lower facility maintenance costs that taxpayers would be paying.

Jon, that profile picture referring to Saltzman as a legend is a picture of a banner that was made and held aloft by Timbers supporters after the first vote for MLS. He did not in anyway shape or form come up with that name.

And dirty bedfelows, to add to what CVO said, you know nothing about the Timbers Army.

As a group, we have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity 5 or 6 times (with another one canceled by last winter's snow), and we donated over $1200 to Habitat. We have planted trees with Friends of Trees on 2 or 3 occasions, we have answered phones on OPB pledge drives 2 or 3 times, and as individuals we volunteer at hundreds of organizations around the metro area. We may go a little crazy at the matches, but we support and love this community.

"we support and love this community."

"we donated over $1200 to Habitat."

Any chance you can donate $41M to make PGE Park into an exclusive facility for soccer? That'd cover the $30M already blown Paulson is not paying and the $11M we are giving Paulson on the same piece of ground.

It is comforting to hear you have a social life outside of soccer, though.

We may go a little crazy at the matches, but we support and love this community.

By rallying for a City deal with Paulson, regardless of the consequences?

Plenty of people here love this community too. That's why they're fed up with City Council and Paulson, and the making of a deal that, no matter how hard and desperately Council tries and spin it, is garbage--really expensive, long-term cost and consequences garbage.

So really-spare me the "I love my community" stuff. It's not a contest. You're acting as if people are this angry because they "don't like soccer" or something. Pumping your fist in the air about soccer with a "fu*k you" attitude about the whole thing might be part of the reason people look at you as a poster child for the problem.

That, and the gag-inducing letter Saltzman sent, which is so ridiculous that it deserves all the ridicule that can be heaped upon it.

I never tunred anything into a contest, I was refuting the point that we are a bunch of thugs that only cares about soccer.

One day like Isadora Duncan, the Timbers Army may be done in by their scarves, whilest driving down the road in an open car.

I bet Habitat for Humanity is happy to know they are being used as a political ploy by soccer fans to funnel money to Hank Paulson an Company. Wow, $1200, and some volunteering. I bet that was only 20 people. How does that represent the hundreds of drunk teenagers I see at games? And why does that justify soaking the Portland taxpayer for your pet project? I volunteer at food banks. Should the city pay for an addition on my house?

Access from this site has been blocked?

Oh, come on. you must have read the message:

There was an error.

Error: Access to the forum from the current url is prohibited!

See, it's just an error. I'm sure they're working feverishly to fix the problem. The nice thing about the Internet is that there are a number of ways to route past such problems until they're repaired.

You did great, Jack - both in terms of providing good information and in being ticked off enough to re-route. Very cool work!

Brief note to eco: Pumping your fist in the air about soccer with a "fu*k you" attitude about the whole thing might be part of the reason people look at you as a poster child for the problem.

Chill. Take some time to walk around your neighborhood. Drop the expletive, get a hold. Don't just be dumping on people. If you disagree with their views, start a dialog. Your dump indicates that you're passionate, but also disrespectful.

That's not a crime (yet), but it doesn't contribute much to a living-room discussion. And that's what blogs are, at least in my view. The door is open, come and sit by the fire. Let's talk.

Chill. Take some time to walk around your neighborhood. Drop the expletive, get a hold.

Nice try, man.

If you disagree with their views, start a dialog. Your dump indicates that you're passionate, but also disrespectful.

Good advice, except after reading your paragraph of condescending advice, I think I'll just ignore it, like you did.

Timbers Army hooligans are going to make sure we all vote for Dan "The Legend" Saltzman.

It was 15 people each time. And they have "Timbers Army" listed in their financial report.

And how is saying "we aren't hooligans we do a lot for our community" making them a political ploy. I'm using a FACTUAL example to refute a bald faced lie about me and my friends.

That letter is fake, right?

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