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Friday, January 15, 2010


Today is my 56th birthday. And with all due respect to the people in my past, especially my mom and my siblings, I've got to say that I'm having the time of my life right now. I've knocked on a lot of doors; a few of them wouldn't open, but most of them did. It's great where I am, including (but not limited to) on this blog. Yeah!

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Happy B-Day Jack! This is one of my favorite places on the web to visit.

I think that one of your tricks to being so happy is your positive attitude. People who have never met you and only read this blog may not realize how positive and enthusiastic you are in real life. I aspire to be the same way but sometimes it isnt easy!

In my best Marilyn Monroe voice:

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, Mr. Bog.
Happy Birthday to you.

As one of the aforementioned siblings I say Happy, Happy Birthday! I am thrilled that this day finds you so filled with joy.
One of the last times you were out to visit, we took a long walk and talked about how blessed we feel to be where we are in our lives. I try to remember that every day and it sounds like you do too.
Even though we are miles apart my heart is with you today and always. I love you big brother. Many happy returns!

Happy birthday, Jack!
I had my 42nd birthday on Wednesday.

Geez, I gotta find a younger, hipper blog to hang out on!

As a 32 year old, it's always nice to hear about an older fellow who is having the time of his life.

HBD, Dude.

Happy Birthday! It's my mother's Birthday as well. She's 81 today and still going strong!

If the cake conflagration gets out of hand, don't call Randy.

Happy Birthday!

Jack, forgive me, but last week one of my best friends had his 56th. I told him "My, that is getting old, I remember back when I turned 56 and it seemed so much older than when I turned 55". Happy Birthday, and you're right, there is much to live for and appreciate.

YEAH! ... junior.





Happy Birthday, Jack. Speaking of doors, you mentioned what fun a radio show could be. I hope you explore that and if it works out, think about hiring me as the sidekick. Some of my other clients aren't doing too well this week.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY...I don't remember my 56TH birthday it's been so long ago..lol

Congratulations Jack! Remember you are still a lot younger than 56% of the trees on this planet. Many more years for you to come.

Jack, you're still the fav prof at L & C Law School according to most I've talked with. That's pretty good for an old guy...just a year ahead of me ;).
Happy Birthday - may you get everything you want!

Happy Birthday, Jack. I hope we all don't get one of the things you really don't want.... the PGE Park stadium giveaway deal. I'll make 56 before the end of 2010 but it's nice to have someone older around. ;-)

Happy birthday big boy. I'm trying to remember what I was doing at 56. Just got my first SS check this week. Hooray. Something to look forward to each month. Government paybacks.

Here's a great birthday song my mom used to sing when we were kids:

Today is a birthday, I wonder for whom
I bet it's for somebody right in this room
So look all around you for somebody whoooooooooo
Is smiling and happy, my goodness it's you!

Happy Birthday Jack!!

Happy Birthday Jack!

Happy Birthday. And might the aforementioned sibling be a lawyer too or does she only sound like one, aforementioned being my favorite word.

I also just turned 56, on the 3rd.

But Jack you really should try and be more cheery like me.

Interesting theme you got started here - I turned 56 last week!

Happy birthday, Jack, and many more.

Have a great year ahead!

Happy belated birthday!

Here's some fun stuff for you:




You share a birthday with Captain Beefheart! Now THAT'S cool!!

Happy birthday, man!

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