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Monday, January 11, 2010

1,000 jobs a week

That's how many the Portland area lost in 2009. It's going to be a long, long time getting those back. But hey! Let's build a soccer stadium -- maybe a baseball stadium, too! And raises for all the bureaucrats.

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We obviously need a few more streetcar lines.

Peddle powered street cars where passengers
earn their way.

Don't worry, Portland, Sam the Tram has a plan to create

... drumroll ...

10,000 jobs in 5 years!

The sad thing is that as business' pull out so do the local economy jobs that support the population. I am looking at the long term debt, and wondering as the folks with no job prospects flee the Urban Renewal and Public retirement funds eating more of their tax dollar for services, just what will come of quality of life. On your long term debt, I wonder what the average number of people in a household is in Portland, and how much per household the share of long term debt is.

Will they offer free admission if you show your Unemployment ID?

AND we were able to start 2010 off with 50 jobs lost! RIP Greek Cuisina.

...Do we count the Beavers team as lost jobs?

"Sam the Tram has a plan"

Yeah, he just added 3 new hires on staff.

I read at the Big O site that the new federal Jobs Bill will bring $370 million transportation dollars to Oregon...most likely for more streetcars.


The linked article in Garage Wine's post states:

"Between 1998 and 2006, the percent of jobs located more than 10 miles from downtown increased from 23.8 percent to 29.4 percent. In comparison, the percent of jobs within three miles of downtown decreased from 27.4 percent to 23.4 percent during that same period of time."

If this isn't proof that the KatzAdamsLeonard methodology is driving business (and jobs) out of Portland, I don't know what is.


If you want job growth just get the Federal government to move in. Employment in Washington DC grew from November, 2008 to November, 2009, the only city of consequence (apologies to Iowa City IA and Lynchburg VA) to experience growth. Or follow the model and borrow and spend your way to it.

PD, The 6% job increase outside Portland and 4% decrease inside Portland is proof that Adams and Co. does not know what they are doing.

It should be shouted from rooftops.

One would think it might be the opposite since all mass transit focuses on Portland proper, most major upzoning, increased density has occurred in Portland that should be increasing growth=jobs. The Planning Mafia has it wrong and it's time we tell them so. I'm sure the media will help us. And why didn't the Tribune who wrote the article quoted, editorialize on the failure? It's about time that media begins to understand economics, connect the dots, and say something. And that includes TV.

! ! ! NEWSFLASH ! ! !

Tram Adams has announced a bold new effort to stop the flight of residents and jobs from Portland to the suburbs by

... drumroll ...

stopping suburb development!

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