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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Yule love these 'dogs

There are lots of games in play today as the contestants in our charity pro football underdog pool have made their prognostications. Here's who's got whom -- to win the listed points, the player's pick (in caps) must pull off the upset, without the benefit of any point spread:

14 TAMPA BAY at New Orleans - Mark, Gordon
14 ST. LOUIS at Arizona - Dan
13.5 KANSAS CITY at Cincinnati - Bad Brad, Flynn
12.5 DETROIT at San Francisco - Kevin, Gary
9 BUFFALO at Atlanta - Michael W., Robert
7 DENVER at Philadelphia - Annie, Sidney, Michael K.
7 CHICAGO vs. Minnesota (tomorrow evening) - Rick, Hank, Andy
6.5 WASHINGTON vs. Dallas (this evening) - George
3 SAN DIEGO at Tennessee (Friday, already a winner) - genop
3 HOUSTON at Miami - genop's mom
2.5 BALTIMORE at Pittsburgh - jmh

And here are this week's orphan games:

14 SEATTLE at Green Bay
8 JACKSONVILLE at New England
7 CAROLINA at NY Giants
5 NY JETS at Indianapolis
3 OAKLAND at Cleveland

We've got no pick from Doug on the board, and so he sits out this week. Everybody else, please let me know if anything looks amiss.

The standings are here, but don't forget to add 3 to genop's total for San Diego. He's in sixth place as of the wee hours of this morning.

Good luck, players, and enjoy the wintry games.

UPDATE, 1:10 p.m.: A big win for Mark and Gordon as Tampa Bay edges New Orleans in overtime. Both rocket into contention. Our leader, genop's mom, picks up 3 with Houston. Kansas City and Baltimore tease, but do not deliver. On to the second games, where I've got Detroit for a miracle at Candlestick.

UPDATE, 4:50 p.m.: No winners in the second games, although Denver gave it quite a run. On to the night games!

UPDATE, 9:38 p.m.: No winner Sunday night, as the Redskins were shut out.

Comments (8)

I came so close to writing in and deriding Mark and Gordon for their idiotic pick of the Saints losing to Tampa Bay. I just could not see that in a million years.
I stand corrected. You are not mere men - you are football gambling gods.

Suddenly N.O. looks mortal. Next week at Carolina should be pretty interesting, as the Black Cats wrecked the G-Men today.

One factor: Carolina's Steve Smith broke his arm today.

Wow. A big, no make that a HUGE upset for the Bucs over the Saints, and an equally significant upset for the Jets to spoil an undefeated season for the Colts. Sure glad I was smart enough to pick both of them. After the fact, that is.

The McNabb scramble for the crucial big gain was epic. That left hamstring of his looks a little shaky for the playoffs, though.

Only 4 teams have won over 100 games this decade:
Indy, New England, Pittsburgh, and the Philadelphia Eagles.
The Eagles organization rebuilds while it wins. Great rookies like McCoy trade places with all-time greats like Westbrook.
Of those 4 teams, the Eagles are without a Super Bowl ring, though they lost to a New England team that was clearly cheating and knew the defensive signals and what blitzes were coming. The Patriots cheated but the Eagles handled it with class.
The amazing thing is that as an Eagles fan, I never feel cheated. By the end of the season, I have always seen enough to be proud of them.
Philadelphia fans at the games can be unruly barbarians - yes, they really did boo Santa Claus, and yes, they real do need the courtroom built right into the stadium - but I believe the Eagles are the best, most endearing team in football.

Well, after having carefully considered but then rejected TB over NO, I'd really like to dig deep, leave it all on the field, man up, find out what I'm made of, make my team proud, and, you know, make it all the way up to mediocre some day.

But I just don't know if I can be that good.

My pick was such a "aw hell, i got nothin' to lose, might as well go big" pick. can't believe it worked out.

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