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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What to get the wife for Christmas

How about golf clubs?

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"How about golf clubs?"

How about luggage?

Maybe he can crash with his good buddy Randy in that pad above the garage. Or better yet, Randy can get him a job at PWB or BDS.

There's a great old joke along these lines. W: "If something happened to me, would you remarry?" H (reflecting): "Quite possibly." W: "Would you and your new wife live in our house?" H: "I think so, yes." W: "Sleep in our bed?" H: "It's still perfectly good." W: "Would you give her my jewelry?" H: "You wouldn't want it to go to waste." W: "What about my golf clubs?" H: "I don't think so." W: "So you'd marry, live in my house, and she would sleep in my bed and wear my jewelry, but you wouldn't let her have my golf clubs? What's with that?" H: "She's left-handed."

They went to the convention of the "Public Relations Society of America" in San Diego on OUR dime? Let's get a statute that any 'damages' paid to the alleged victim in these cases come out of the perp's fat pension, and another to stop the revolving door that lets the Gov buy off inconvenient legislators, or reward robots, with a fat boost in their PERS packets for three years 'service.'

I can't wait until Karen uses the golf clubs on him!

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