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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some big 'dogs come through

It was an action-packed weekend in our charity pro football underdog pool, and with no one playing tomorrow night's game, we can wrap the week up. Genop's mom leaps into the lead with a second monster pick in as many weeks -- she and Andy get 14 with Oakland. [UPDATE, 12/26, 1:11 a.m.: And I missed Michael W.'s Oakland pick; he, too, gets 14.] Hank stays in the thick of things with 9 points for Carolina, and jmh and Michael K. scoop up six for Atlanta. Here are the new [updated to correct the Michael W. omission] standings:

genop's mom - 33.5
Doug - 28
Rick - 26.5
Hank - 26
Michael W. - 24
Bad Brad - 20
Robert - 20
genop - 18.5
Gordon - 16
jmh - 15.5
Dan - 15
Mark - 14.5
George - 14.5
Andy - 14
Kevin - 13
Gary - 10.5
Michael K. - 9
Annie - 7
Sidney - 0
Flynn - 0

We've got two more weeks of regular-season games to go, and then three weeks of playoffs. The playoffs have far fewer games, and few if any big spreads -- and so the next two weeks are going to be of great importance. First through third places get to designate dollars to their favorite charities: $300, $75, and $45. Plus priceless bragging rights.

We'll have the Christmas week lines Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

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An interesting side statistic: Hank has picked five winners, the most of any player. Genop's mom has only three. Doug, Rick, and Bad Brad have four each.

Well, this is just downright embarrassing

The Raiders broke my heart with their loosing ways at the beginning of the year. Now they're killing me with their wining ways. It's tough to be a Raiders Fan.
Good job Genop's mom,...you can take the rest of the year off!

I should have stuck to the rules: Don't pick the Bears no matter where they are. I should have taken the temptation to change my pick after genop's mom picked. Shoulda shoulda shoulda.

I fully expect - and hope for - G.A.S. to gear up the trash talkin' after passing me in the standings. It's going to take completing some serious hail marys from here on out!

Sorry, man, I can't do much trash talking after getting buried under all my dead dogs. I just wish we'd thought of this sooner so we'd have had all those early games ... course, reality being what it is, it would probably just have meant the leaders would be even further ahead of us. With luck, Jack will organize this again next year (see, I'm already thinking of next year . . .)

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