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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rock steady

Here's a Portlander making a big splash.

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On NE 15th just across from Whole Foods and the library branch, is a house with a low stone wall that seems to have some planets and a little space ship. Is this the same artist?

Hi Jack,
I love it! Rock art for gardens! We are hurting for water here in SoCal, so I posted a link to the NY Times story too, after reading it here.
Even though I no longer live in PDX environs, I still follow Bojack!
Thanks for entertaining me throughout the year...


No, I watched the fellow build the wall you're talking about on Ne 15th. He was a younger guy, long hair, no facial hair. Did a lot of "pick up a rock, hold it thoughtfully for a few minutes, put it down and pick up another." It was a slow process but the wall is nice.

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