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Monday, December 14, 2009

Portland's new radio mogul

Here's a profile from Big Sky country -- Flathead Lake, to be precise.

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So, maybe I missed it in the Montana article, but which of the Portland radio stations did he purchase? I only did a quick perusal of the article, but didn't see a definitive mention of which stations he now owns.

Just wonderin'


Ah, figured that'd be about Alpha. They're the new people running KUFO, KINK, KXL and so forth (the two Paul Allen stations plus the CBS properties).

Paul Allen's and the Vulcanites continue their remarkable record in business. Sell the two stations for $ 11 Million after paying $ 50 Million for them

Sounds line Charter, Ticketmaster, etc., etc., etc.


Good to see a station owner with a focus on the local market instead of focus grouped anywhere-in-America-formats.

I wish him the best.

It becoming quite clear who the brains were at MS in the early years.

Paul Allen's and the Vulcanites continue their remarkable record in business

Which is all completely in keeping with the fact that Allen didn't get where he is through native smarts. I don't know if he's the luckiest person who ever lived, but he's got to rank right up there.

Alpha Broadcasting wasted no time firing some of their on-air "talent" after closing the sale.


Ah, if only Larry Miller would call and offer me a nice radio gig. Oh, the fun we'd have!

Jack, Larry checked out in February. :-(

Last week I got to thinking they oughta change the name of 'talk radio' to 'caller radio.' Because the on-air person's personality and then the feel & format of the entire station, mutates to conform and represent the demographic social status of the listening audience as being all-alike the few flaky callers.

(What prompted the thought was hearing Liars Larson pleading and begging for someone 'different' to call in and say something 'contrary' to the constant goon-talk of him & his ditto-despots cult ... and it seemed obvious no one 'different' is EVER going to call since Liars has made himself and that station into a sycophant suck-up to the half-dozen hate-seething antisocial wackos who endure caller torture and insult to hear themselves on the air and who become the emblem of ALL listeners.)

Ditto-cult callers is all that Liars is ever going to 'get' since he made himself in their image(ry). As all 'talk radio' personalities do -- please the audience -- and are really 'caller radio' concoctions.

Which explains why KBOO 90.7 FM has stayed independent over forty years airing informed voices of high-quality callers, totally sustained by listener donations and never a single commercial -- the listeners are invested with interest.

And it (the phenomenon that the on-air 'host' turns into the lapdog puppet of the callers) explains why KPOJ 620 AM (morning locals) has gotten raised to intellectual heights over their heads from where they started, (also Arbitron ratings heights), by serving intelligent callers.

I expect Mr. Montana to lose the wager he bet on the fading old plug-horse nags of Portland radio. He shoulda bought either quality or intelligence channels.

If I understand it correctly, community and educational media outlets routinely out-perform the commercial ones all over Oregon, but the ratings companies and their commercial clients are very careful not to let that get out. Can anybody confirm this?

In any case, I'll always give to KBOO, even when I can't stand most of what they're putting on the air. Joe Uris and Joanne Bowman alone are worth the ticket.

Great to see you're still in the game. I thought they had you strapped to a waterboard in some reprogramming camp.

No tensky has been busy fantasizing about waterboarding Lars.

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