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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Playing it safe

I see the weather forecasters have a "chance" of snow in tonight's prediction for the Portland metro area. Having missed yesterday's snow and taking tons of flak for it today, they'll probably mention the possibility of snow in every forecast from now until Easter.

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One newscast mentioned that some motorists were trapped in their cars for 8 hours so this was significantly ugly to warrant the weather people covering their butts for a while.
It's so transparent that it's kind of funny: "Tomorrow we'll have highs in the 50s with not a cloud in the sky, but I want to add that there's an outside chance that it could snow again so don't say I didn't warn you. And have a Happy 4th of July."
I also enjoyed Mayor Adams discussing how cars had gotten stuck on the train tracks clogging up the system. There was something kind of poetic about that.
You know what I'd do if I was Mayor? I'd fit every city pickup truck with a removable snowplow attachment like the private snowplow drivers back East and if something like this hit, I'd have all these bureaucrats out there plowing
Who knows? We could need them when we're plowing away the debris after the big earthquake hits - which could happen any time. If you think the city was paralyzed yesterday, imagine what that will be like. We'll no doubt have some bureaucrat out there talking about what we've learned from our mistakes and how to do it better after the next big earthquake. Sam will shift from his stupid-looking bad weather hat to a special goofy earthquake hat.
Oh well. Yesterday belonged to the weather forecasters. Heck of a job, guys. Storm Tracker? The damn thing tracked us. "We began tracking the storm the second it was right on top of us."
The absolute worst reaction is when the weather types get excited because they're the big story for a change. It's like watching one of those creepy science geeks back in high school becoming aroused during a science lab.

There is a chance I might not be safe??

TriMet will still find a way to F it up.

"...creepy science geeks back in high school becoming aroused during a science lab." I don't like your tone McDonald. The science geeks at least can appreciate the beautiful irony when Nature gives everybody a collective wedgie followed by a swirly. Watching the self-empowered and deluded reduced to a stupid whining herd while I waited at a bus stop enthralled by the beauty of evaporative cooling, the laws of thermodynamics and chaos theory all enfolding around me. Yes it was very arousing.

I meant "creepy science geeks" in a nice way.
Actually, there are your standard science geeks who are the future of the world.
I was referring to the ones who giggle when the frog dies.

Ditto for my remark about the "stupid whining herd". As I recall from my days the ones who giggled when the frog died were football players.

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