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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pasadena via Duck

Congratulations to the Oregon Ducks football team, which beat the Oregon State Beavers tonight and thus heads for the Rose Bowl. The stronger squad won, much to the dismay of me and many other fans whose favorite team on any given weekend is the Ducks' current opponent.

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The Ducks vs. Buckeyes should be an interesting game. Considering the strength of their schedule, with all four losses coming to teams that are (or were) in the Top 20, the Beavers deserve a better fate than to be shunted off to the Las Vegas Bowl. They would be a worthy opponent for a much better team in a non-January 1 bowl. I wonder if they will even opt to go?

They'll go. They're a class act and will play well over the holidays.

The real winner was the State of Oregon. It's one thing to get time in the national spotlight - another to deliver an absolute classic. It was such an exciting, historic, noble game full of heart and determination, that it made me view both programs with great pride. The announcers were giggling at how brilliant this game was and that was cool.
Now back to those boring teams like the Florida Gators and Alabama. What losers.

It was a great game. Not my chosen outcome, but it was a great game. The Ducks are a hell of a team, without question, and should bring home that Rose Bowl trophy.

At the same time, I feel very sorry for the Beaver's opponent in the Las Vegas Bowl. That's likely to be one long OSU highlight reel.

A cool graphical display of the game, showing lopsided 4th Q:

Prediction of OSU v. BYU in Las Vegas Bowl (and all others):

Beavers were amazing. I thought Oregon was going to lose up until the last possetion. Honestly I was blown away at what a solid and thorough teamthey are. I wish they had a bcs bid because they could beat anyone in the bcs mix right now. Hats off to the Beave and Mike Riley. This game would have been the Beavers had it been in Reeser.

I was at the game. Wow. What a piece of Oregon history! The tailgating scene was a carnival, the traffic trying to leave Autzen was unreal, and the game was truly spectacular. It definitely met all my expectations and then some. I pity Ohio State, and would have felt the same way had the Beavs pulled it off. Unlike other teams I've seen at Autzen, Oregon State did not appear to get rattled. What a great matchup and what a great way to gain national respect by showing that the Pac-10 is no longer viewed as USC and the nine dwarves. It was a privilege to be there yesterday.

If Legarrette Blount had been properly indicted, tried, and convicted of assault the Beavers would have won the game.

Dean Shut the hell up. you baby. it was a great game with two class teams. You my man have no class. The beavers deserve better in a Bowl game and in fans like you

Dean - that's a good one. But the problem is, he wasn't, and the Beavers didn't. I don't think it's unrealistic to believe that if he hadn't scored his touchdown, someone else would have. In case you hadn't noticed, the Ducks did score a few points without him this season. Don't worry. There's always next year. I hope future civil war games are all as entertaining as this year's.

LaMichael James (Spanish for "The Michael"). Freshman.

Go Ducks!

Pretty funny comment on the post-game at "Overheard in PDX"


I was rooting for the Beavers as well, because I didn't think Arizona would beat USC, and a Beavers' win was the only thing to keep USC out of the Holiday Bowl.

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