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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No practice this weekend

Coach is in jail.

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Wow, he can afford Houze? Official lawyer of the Blazers.

I thought he went to diversion for the first drunk driving charge? He can do it again?

Daddy's paying the bill, for sure.

Ahaa, Steve -

This wasn't young Mr. Adelman's first such offense.

Why is he still a coach?

Isn't there a morals clause in his contract? Go to jail, go to the unemployment line?

If there is not such a clause in his contract, folks ought to start barraging the PPS board with pointed questions about why there are not such clauses in every coach, teacher, administrator and non classified employee's contract.

Not just the Blazers. Between the two, Steve Houze & Mike Starpoli have about a 95% market share of police officers in the grease for criminal matters. And they don't come cheap...

Isn't there a morals clause in his contract?

There is now.

The Lincoln High School principal did not fire Adelman because the employment contract did not expressly say you would lose your job for bad behavior.

Since the change inspired by Adelman, a small army of Lincoln coaches have been let go.

I'm wondering how hiring Houze to attack the state's case like a pitbull (albeit unsuccessfully) and asking to serve the time on weekends so it won't interfere with the coach's schedule is "taking full responsibility", but maybe that's just me.

Young master Adelman states in his mea culpa that the public scrutiny of his behaviour is part of the "great responsibility that his last name has placed upon him". Gag me with a spoon! The nobles oblige of being the scion of a pro basketball coach got him a job for which he is obviously not ready. Lincoln HS should be ashamed to have this kid coaching their kids.

Kudos to the judge. But PPS is sending the message that it's okay to break the law numerous times as long as your daddy is a quasi-celebrity.

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