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Monday, December 28, 2009

New zoo boss being named today

Portland's "unique" Metro government is announcing the new director of its Oregon Zoo later this morning. Metro officials are mum about the identity of the new director, named after a national search, but well placed sources say it's this guy.

UPDATE, 12:24 p.m.: Only kidding! It's Kim Smith, from Chicago. Here she is on her first day on the job in Portland, getting a royal welcome from Greg Oden.

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You got to be kidding. I though we got rid of that horses ass for good. We keep recycling our most incompetent people in this state. I guess we could call it peter principle sustainability.

Not funny

Did you mean running the zoo or becoming an exhibit at the zoo?

I'm sure Ms Smith will head for the door once she learns how this 'unique' Metro government really works...

Wouldn't her skills be better used to greet the new prisoners in Chicago?

Don't they usually hold a "contest", so the public can "vote" on the name of the newest denizen? They're missing out on a PR goldmine, here.

But she is from Chi Town which is in vogue and fitting for Portland.

Think she could handle Portland schools as well?

Sell the Zoo, sell the Convention Center and sell the EXPO.
Abolish Metro, get rid of the PDC, lose Creep and the Fireman and elect the TriMet and Port of Portland Boards.

Yeah that's the ticket.

...I guess Don Mazziotti was too busy with his new Beaverton gig. (chuckle)

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