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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hey tonight

Well, this is it -- the day of the historic Civil War football game between the Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State Beavers. If you haven't weighed in on our poll, now's your last chance to predict the winner, here.

We have no prognostication to offer, but we will certainly be rooting for the Beavers. The game will be shown on ESPN starting at 6 p.m. local time.

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It's funny how fans on both sides of the civil war don't have enough respect to call their opponents by their real name. (not you Jack, you're respectful) Nike U Ucks. Ducks call them OSEWE. Have respect for a worthy opponent.

Being a fan of the Ducks, I am pretty confident we can beat the Beavers today.

I sure hope so, because while this may not be indicative of all Beaver fans, the ones I know really like to rub it in. While the Ducks just like to celebrate. Is it a "look, we beat you with half the money" thing?

I'm rooting for the Ducks, but definitely believe that whoever wins tonight will beat the stuffing out of the Buckeyes.

Emotions run high for alums and fans of both programs. For those of us without a favorite this is a huge sporting event which should be fun to watch. Both teams will benefit regardless of the outcome. It will be foggy and cold at Autzen which may inhibit the passing game. Both teams have well balanced offenses. Both have great running games. Masoli and LaMike and the Rodgers bros. A few friends, some firewood, a pizza and favorite libations are the order for this eve. My hunch is home field advantage gives the nod to the Ducks but this could go either way. Looking beyond this game, my hope is neither team loses key players to injury. Happy Civil War -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civil_War_(college_football_game)

I'm just bummed that the game's on cable, which we don't have. (I know, we're like one of 3 households in the US without cable....)

Should be a great game to watch -whoever wins. I just hope Blount isn't allowed in the game. Ducks have done fine without him and all college football is better off without repeat offenders getting multiple do-overs.

Just remember - whichever team wins this game has major program bragging rights until the 2010 season begins. If nothing else, this game will raise the profiles of both programs nationwide. Here's hoping no major injuries for either team.

Ah, one of the best exchanges in movie history. "Duck, I says"

Go Ducks!!!

Tom, my guess is that they have designed a few special plays for Blount, as sort of a coming out party, after a season long suspension. What Blount did was wrong, no doubt about it, but I feel it was an instantaneous reaction to some verbal taunting, on the other hand, this nucklehead got a 30 minute suspension for a premeditated vicious attack on another player's eyes. Come on, give Blount a break.


"Is it a "look, we beat you with half the money" thing", no RW, it will be because of the Duck's funny uniforms.

RW - it goes both ways. There are more than a few obnoxious Duck fans that try to end any discussion about the Civil War with "65-38" which has no bearing on anything since the clocks were all zeroes in that particular game.

As far as Blount goes, I'll accept that the first punch was an 'instantaneous reaction' to whatever that idiot from Boise State said; but that cannot be said of shoving his own teammates, and trying to wade into the crowd, 'Ron Artest' style, to knock the taste out of some fans' mouths; and certainly doesn't explain having to practically be carried off the field by coaches and law enforcement officers.

It was a full on meltdown, and he earned every minute of his suspension. Oregon's better off anyway, since LaMichael James is a better back for their system.

One more thing: whoever wins tonight's game is going to demolish the Suckeyes of The Ohio State University.

The Big-10 sucks this year, and even the best of that suck league still lost to a team that will be at best tied for 2nd in the Pac-10. I'm sure that Jim Tressel will be sporting a nice snappy sweater-vest though.

'Campus' radio produced a commemorative 'rap' song -- I Love My Ducks -- which will be with us always and forever, no matter which way tonight's final score ends up.


Here's the TinyURL of that long mess:


(Warning: Downloading the tune and listening to it is a 'mess' of its own.)
... it sure makes it sound like MTV and the entire 'thugs' tribal collective is vast nationwide support for the Ducks ...

RW, fans of both teams are convinced that the other fans are worse. Always been like that. Personally, I like the "civil" part of the "civil war". I know too many Ducks fans to be a jerk about it. And they're respectful of me too.

But today, I must say: Go Beavers!

Either way an Oregon school is going to the Rose Bowl, which is great.

I am reminded of two songs from my youth:

"OSU our pants are off to you"

"Oregon, oh Oregon, where the men of iron are found... in the bushes with the co-eds"

Personally, I went to SOC. I think we had a football team, but I don't remember what they were called. Don't remember much at all in fact. It is now SOU, but I hear it is still primarily a party school

geoff--thank you! I'll definitely give it a try! I already listen to my favorite radio talk shows on-line since they no longer play here in Portland.

Helen Burnhard sourdough baguettes $6.25
Herb & garlic cheese spread $7.59
1/5 Seagram’s 7 $9.95
Civil War potluck with friends ? priceless!


Whoa, place your bets and you can take this to the bank: Poor defeated Ducks, jinxed and cheated of their 'manifest' destiny now, because they got the black kiss of LIARS Larson's favor on them.

Although the Ducks outplayed the Beavers for 60 minutes, many Beavers will be crying and complaining about Blount being in the game for just a few series. Canfield threw for over 300 yards and still lost. OK? We didn't cheat by playing Blount, he is on our team. We didn't use him to try to win in Stanford. So, Oregon is Rosebowl bound. GO DUCKS!!!

Oh, those roses smell so sweet!!

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