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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Get a good look at that tree in the square

Its days are numbered.

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It's a religious symbol? Really?

For which religion?

Maybe Pagan's?

BS on a tree being a religious symbol---ahh, the joys of Ashland.

The War on Christmas has many fronts.

Too funny. Christmas isnt even religious in this country anymore. Ban credit cards. They represent the "spirit" of Christmas more than a tree does.

From Wiki:

Historically, there has been opposition to the custom of the Christmas tree because of its pagan origins. In 1851, parishioners in Cleveland, Ohio, condemned as a pagan practice the actions of the pastor, Henry Schwan, for decorating one of the earliest Christmas trees in an American Christian church.[citation needed]

In The Netherlands St. Nicolas appears with Black Pete on Dec 6 with toys for the kiddies. Yep, Black Pete! Black Pete is a white guy in black face dressed as an elf. His role is too punish the bad children while jolly ol St. Nick gives out the goodies. In the USA we are busy banning Christmas trees. Learn more about Black Pete at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zwarte_Piet.

"Zundel said Thursday that she removed the giving tree because it offended a few students who do not celebrate Christmas."

The most common non-Christmas celebrating religious group in America is Jehovah's Witnesses, folks.

How uncomfortable when somebody questions the dominant paradigm. And how very necessary.

If a Christmas tree is not a religious symbol, I wonder why so many people get angry when it's taken away?

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