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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Facebook quote of the night

Two things I've learned from the local news tonight: (1) Snowpocalyse 09 will kill us all, and (2) Jeff Gianola really needs to back away from the makeup counter.

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I don't tap into local coverage anymore, but I do recall that stations are required by unwritten broadcast law to provide basic cataclysmic coverage:

1. Cleaver name and logo for the pending death and destruction.

2. Some poor, lowly reporter on the 26 zoo overpass chipping at ice on the rail completely proving it is cold.

3. Another more miserable lowly reporter doing Troutdale time in the gale at the truckstop, completely proving it is windy.

4. Reminders every break to, "Not go out unless you absolutely have to."

5. At least one shot per break of a vehicle in a ditch and a tree down.

The very best way to prevent snow from ever falling in Portland is to have the local stations predict it will happen.

Gee, Bob, that means Stumptown broadcasters' vision of that "stewardship" and "trustee of the public airwaves" stuff are a notch above the City of Angels video buskers:


And with Comcast owning NBC, well, you can see the trend of local ownership and control.

Jeff is undoubtedly a victim of HDtv.

I'm calling what actually happened this morning "Drizzaster '09"

Zeb, you are correct. However you need to know unwritten broadcast law is slightly different market by market.

In L.A., celebrity trumps disaster.

Today was a win. I'd rather have a thick sheet of make-up on Jeff than a thick sheet of ice on the roads.

I was heading home via SW Vista last night after dinner downtown. Right at the top of the hill I encountered some vicious black ice that forced me to abandon my car, ultimately hitch a ride with a driver going downhill back to downtown and catch the MAX from Pioneer Square. The ice was completely invisible, yet it covered every surface. I even spun out in the gravel pullout.

Cops at the intersection of SW Patton and SW Humphreys Blvd near Council Crest closed the street, set flares and gingerly stepped on the ice to tell drivers they must turn around.

TriMet's recent slashing of my bus line after 6pm on weekends bit me in the ass when I had a 2.5-mile gap between the Beaverton Transit Center and home. I could have taken a cab, but I decided to walk it for the exercise.

Now I am waiting for the air to warm above freezing so I can go back up the hill to retrieve my wheels.

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