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Monday, December 28, 2009

Da Bearss make good 'dogs

A thrilling Monday night football game made three of our charity pool players happy. Hank, Rick, and Andy all chose Chicago over Minnesota. Along with wins for our players this weekend by Tampa Bay, Houston, and San Diego, our standings line up as follows with just one game left in the regular season (and then three weeks of playoffs):

genop's mom - 36.5
Rick - 33.5
Hank - 33
Gordon - 30
Mark - 28.5
Doug - 28
Michael W. - 24
genop - 21.5
Andy - 21
Bad Brad - 20
Robert - 20
jmh - 15.5
Dan - 15
George - 14.5
Kevin - 13
Gary - 10.5
Michael K. - 9
Annie - 7
Sidney - 0
Flynn - 0

As you can see, things are mighty tight at the top, with the final three top finishers getting bragging rights (and their favorite charities some dough).

Lines for the first games of the new year -- last of the regular season -- will be ready tomorrow evening or Wednesday morning.

Comments (2)

I just found out yesterday these are NFL games. I thought for sure we were picking NBA games.

What a great game last night! Bring on the LIONS!

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