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Thursday, December 17, 2009

By the numbers

We picked up a late $20 this morning, which we'll match, and that brings this year's Buck-a-Hit Day fundraising total to $8,801. Fantastic! Thank you!

Here are this year's final numbers:

Oregon Food Bank$6,651
Sisters of the Road$500
Children's Heart Foundation$600
Human Solutions$260
Virginia Garcia Clinic$320
Ronald McDonald House$220
Charity to be named by comments contest winner$250
Grand total$8,801

Comments (3)

It's interesting how much of the money went to the food bank. A true sign of the times.

Our contest winner, Laurel Ann, had us send the $250 to the Family Dogs New Life Shelter here in Southeast Portland.

An excellent side effect of donating through bojack.org is that I won't get a bunch of junk mail or phone calls.

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