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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Burn with the fire of ten million stars

Before there was the Honda Odyssey, many a family we knew rode around in a Volvo wagon. We haven't seen much of that vehicle lately, but that may be changing in a few years if this version catches on.

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The guys at TVG, the best Volvo shop on the east side, are not crazy about the Volvos made since Ford bought the company, but I'd be tempted by this. I still think the 240 series wagon is the best car for the money ever made--and also the official car of the People's Republic of Southeast Portland.

I thought the Subaru Outback was the offical car.

People's Republic of Southeast Portland.

That place has faded into myth. Inner southeast Portland has seen some of the highest real estate price inflation and influx of higher income people in the city. Houses that went for $225k in 2000 now routinely go for $500k. Average estimated income has almost doubled. For every old Volvo wagon, you'll now see ten SUVs.

Portland's lost a significant portion of its middle class. Now, increasingly, residents are being pressed outward towards suburbs and outer Portland to find affordable housing to rent or buy. That mythical bubble of "creative class"? They're running out of options; maybe the new Director Park will offer sleeping arrangements like other nearby parks.

What a boring car. Bleckk. I'll hang on to my Ford Excursion, thank you.

I want one of these instead..


Interesting chapter on DC in a book called "Flat Broke in the Free Market" (about how globalization screwed working people everywhere) -- sweet deals for developers all around, etc. etc.

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