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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An old-fashioned all-nighter

We don't do it very often these days, but last night, facing the deadline for a large work-related writing project, we stayed up all night and got it finished before normal people's business hours started this morning. We heard the garbage men thumping around outside long before we called our project finished.

With that task completed, we can get back to the other items on our to-do list. But for the rest of the day, at least, things are going to be a little hazy.

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Did you procrastinate, perhaps? What kind of role model is that for your law students? ;)

Actually, I got to it as quickly as I could, but underestimated how ambitious I would get once I started writing it.

I do all-nighters on a weekly basis... because I procrastinate :)

And the project?

Jack, I highly recommend a nice hot, relaxing Bull Run Bath ((((rimshot)))). No, seriously, could not resist. I just had one - I have been getting my kiester kicked at the gym and a hot bath is just what the doctor ordered. And a foot massage. But that is not included.

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