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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A residual

An alert reader who's a Portland General Electric customer writes:

Today when I hit my PO box, I was greeted with an envelope from PGE. The return address read, "Portland General Electric Company Trojan Customer Refund Administration."

"Wow!" I thought, "I'd forgotten about this one. Maybe there'll be enough to pick up a bottle of Meyer's Rum for the family party."

Alas, my cut was only $6.94 which, PGE tells me in the attached letter, "is based on the type of customer you were (residential, business, industrial, etc.) during the refund period (Oct. 1, 2000 - Sept. 30, 2001), how much electricity you used during that time and how many other customers filed valid claims." They also state that it is "full payment for this claim" and invites anyone with questions to contact the "Trojan Customer Refund Administrator" at 1-800-288-1224. I think that spells, "800-screw-you."

So it's a loaf of bread and a stick of margarine for the holidays. Thanks, PGE!

Comments (11)

$6.94 times the number of PGE ratepayers is a considerable chunk of change we can thank Dan Meek and Linda Williams for getting refunded to us.

Ungrateful much? Yes, we are all owed something in this world aren't we?

Be happy you got anything and be happier that Trojan is no longer up and running.

I think it's funny. Who knows how many people replied to the original letter about the class action suit? Maybe a lot, maybe a little. Some probably got more, some less. In the end, it's a drop in the bucket for a high-roller like PGE which can afford to shower its Peggy Fowlers with sheckels while they are working and when they retire, keep a watchdog like Gard Gerber on retainer, sponsor major events, pay for naming rights for a stadium, sponsor Rose Festival Floats and pay into the millions to defeat any proposed PUD legislation.

I was pretty happy with my check for $64.89, especially since I was unaware my hubby had even called in the claim. Does that refund mean I'm using too much electricity? Hmmmm.

The overall amount of the refund was $37 million. We have been in litigation against PGE and the Oregon Public Utility Commission for 17 years on this. The $37 million refund ordered by the Commission is less than 10% of the correct amount. We appealed the refund order to the courts.

I got a check for $70.38! What a surprise!

I got 50.87, which I donated to the Dougy House.
I won't get too giddy about the found money, after all do you think that a corporation like PGE is going to just soak up that $37M? tighten their belts? make some cuts? Hah! Consider it a loan, folks. It's tacked on to the next rate increase. They've already factored it in you can bet. I wonder how former CEO Peggy Fowler is getting by with that $795K annual retirement package? Portland's own Enron.

To Dan Meek Linda Williams and many others: special thanks for your years of valiant attempts to keep the state's Public Utilities Commission personnel honest and accountable to the citizens who pay for their services.
Dan and Linda are both treasures -- and I wish either would consider running against one of the sold-out hacks now in local political office. I got a small refund from the PGE folks, just another reminder of the big gap between what our interests are versus the never-ending greed of big-cheeses like Peg Fowler and her Enron pals.

Does anyone know of where to contact PGE on getting a refund if check hasn't arrived or not sure if claim was made? I want my two cents worth. Thanks

Ours was $37 and we were happy to get it...every little bit helps this time of the year. Thanks to the people who pushed to make it happen!

How much have the attorneys billed? How much is their cut? It must be pretty good if it's taken 17 years to get to this point.

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