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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A loss to the blogosphere

One of our favorite blogs is fading with the old year -- our friend TRP says he's knocking off blogging, in large part because he can get a lot of the same outlet from Facebook and Twitter. That's the first site that's fallen off our blogroll due to the rise of the "social media," and it probably won't be last.

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I blog because I am interested in the topic,I collect the information for me, it's my way of organizing stuff.

I have a few people (about 8) in my circle that actually like the topic and contribute to the "collection".

The facebook thing is not quite as easy to organize information.

I like the fact that most people still have no idea that my blog exists.

If nobody read the blog I would still do it, cause I READ IT!

I'll still be a pain in the backside around here, though, Jack.

Sad. Sadder yet: New York's Tavern on the Green is closing.

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