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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Woofers and tweeters

Here are our players' picks for today's games in our charity pro football underdog pool:

11.5 TAMPA BAY vs. New Orleans - jmh
11 WASHINGTON at Dallas - George, Sidney
10.5 NY JETS at New England - Annie
10 OAKLAND vs. Cincinnati - Robert, Mark
9.5 ST. LOUIS vs. Arizona - Dan, Flynn, Gordon
8.5 BUFFALO at Jacksonville - Doug, genop's mom
6.5 SAN FRANCISCO at Green Bay - Michael W., Rick, genop, Gary, Andy
6.5 ATLANTA at NY Giants - Kevin
4.5 TENNESSEE at Houston - Hank, Bad Brad
3.5 CLEVELAND at Detroit - Michael K.

To win the points listed for players who picked it, an underdog (in caps) must win its game outright.

Nobody took these 'dogs:

11 SEATTLE at Minnesota
10.5 KANSAS CITY vs. Pittsburgh
3 MIAMI at Carolina (Thursday; Miami won)
3 CHICAGO vs. Philadelphia
1 BALTIMORE vs. Indianapolis

The current standings of our players are here. Good luck, and enjoy the Big Daddies, everyone.

UPDATE, 1:25 p.m.: No winners from the Sunday morning games. Kansas City prevailed, but nobody in our group was smart enough to see that one coming.

UPDATE, 4:37 p.m.: Oakland's victory means it's Mark's second winning week in a row, and Robert gets on the board. Gotta love that double-digit home 'dog. No one's got tonight's game, but Hank and Bad Brad have Tennessee tomorrow night. Everybody else in the pool will be rooting for Houston, no doubt. Updated standings when that one's over.

Comments (6)

KC with the big upset. My pick went in to OT, but damn that coin toss. Glad to most everyone else coming up flat so far.

Well, looks like Washington did stun Dallas . . . but they shoulda set phasers to kill.

My pick (Buffalo) folds on the last drive -- same as last week.

I should have known better-- the Farty Niners stink.


Over on the pool I'm in, I'm 1-10 for the year. You don't hear me complaining (much).

Man, I'm going to have to invent an imaginary "Close But No Cigar" trophy to shoot for -- the spread divided by the number of points that the favorite actually edged the u'dog by . . .

I'm bet I'm leading in that race, with my Washington fail giving me 10.5 this week alone . . . !

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